Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Local girl makes it good... sort of.

After posting about my teen experience while working in a Brooklyn deli, I found myself reminiscing of home. Google and I had some fun.

It turns out that 90s skin starlet Bianca Trump and I are from the same neighbourhood. That amuses me, even if it's true that the former self-styled "Italian Princess of Porn" (or "Latin Princess of Porn," depending on what boxcover you're reading) became just a little confused later in life.


Anonymous said...

I can't get over that a girl who fucked black guys for porn ended up becoming a white supremacist. That's fuckin whacked.

Dude! said...

that's one of my fav porn stars of all time...god is she ever fucking
perfectly hot....even tho
she is a complete nut job...

curiousgirl said...

i love google...if i could...i would fuck google...because google pleasures me in so many ways...fyi...lol


Anonymous said...

Just found your link in yet another blog that I read. And I'm hooked! I am deep into your archives at the moment, (okay, that sounds way more suggestive than it needs to be!)but I wanted to tell you that I am reading along. I also added your blog to my own blogroll..hope thats okay!


Rogue said...

Anon ~
Absolutely. I was also intrigued to read that she was doing tattooing in Chicago for a while. Last year, I enjoyed checking out some of the parlors on Milwaukee Avenue, and couldn't help but wonder where she worked.

Dude! ~
I haven't seen much of her stuff, but finding out that she was virtually my neighbour has me curious. I'll be checking out some titles soon. Any suggestions?

Curiousgirl ~
Wikipedia and YouTube are spreading rumours about you and Google, darling. Just so you know.

:) Great to see you here again, gorgeous.

swingerwife ~
You deliciously impetuous vixen, you. I was wondering where that sensation from in my archives was coming from. I've been going commando all day, so I was mightily perplexed.

I've read yours too, and have enjoyed it. It'd be a treat to be partners-in-crime with you. Welcome, and thanks.

But I promise: when I explore your archives, darling, I'll give you a kiss first.

Everyone: I enjoy your remarks. Thank you.

Dude! said...

some of her stuff (after she got her
implants that is) is real nice...

well it's just her body type that
drove me wild in those days...

im sure you can find out what she's
been in.... sadly I don't have any
of her movies otherwise i'd share :D

Rogue said...

Usually, I'm more of an au naturale kind of guy who appreciates smaller sizes, although lately my eye does seem to be straying a little toward a bigger diversity (so to speak). Must be the summer.

Toyboxxx (linked in the post) has a few of her titles, and I'm still picking which one I feel like checking out. Any recommendations? I'm leaning toward something with the equally delicious Racquel Darrian or Jeanna Fine, who is a goddess I would drop to worship in a flash.