Saturday, July 26, 2008

She's hooked.

Now that she's foolishly told me how hooked she is on Urban Roguery, I'm thinking that it's just a matter of time when Swingerwife's spouse is in an adjoining room with my PlayStation, and she and I are all alone.

That's right, baby: some chilled wine, soft jazz, you in a teddy on a sumptuous bed, and me on your lap. I can just picture the glow of the monitor screen on you right now. Yeah.


Anonymous said... goodness, what a naughty one you are! So let me ask you something, you delicious remembered the wine, the music and the how did you manage to forget the most important item of all?

Which would be my G-spot vibrator.

Of course.

Rogue said...

tsk tsk

How quickly you lose confidence in me. Didn't you notice the smirk on the porter's face (you remember: the blonde college boy with the cute ass?) when he "fluffed" your pillows?

Look under them. I'm certain that he left a nice new one there for you, along with a small box of Godiva truffles. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

A man that knows his vibrators AND leaves me Godiva?

I am smitten indeed...

Rogue said...

Now kiss that fingertip and press it warmly on the pad, smitten one. Does rich chocolate linger there, as upon your tender lips?

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