Thursday, April 3, 2008

To know in the woods.

Shayne: I obviously can't help myself. I'm reading urban rogue blog. Wishing i'd known you in the woods by now. And... as alix would say, wanna fuck?
Me: Then lets make a camping trip this summer a Must-Do, no? Yes: I wanna fuck. You.
Shayne: Yes. Me. You. Woods. Beltane? You can teach me about godly sensuality?
Me: Why, yes, young nymph, I most certainly can. Why dont we stroll to the bed of oakmoss beside the river...
Shayne: Bare foot? Naked? Dappled
Me: Petals behind your ear, its honey nectar on your neck. Small bells around your ankles. Grass stems on your back. Your soles brown with living earth.
Shayne: Heavenly. Purely good.
Me: Twigs in my hair. Sun-kissed shoulders. Dew in my beard. Sweet sweat on my arms and chest. My penis thick as a trunk, smooth as moss, salty like sea spray.
Shayne: I love it
Me: I want you.
Shayne: And I you.

Shayne and I have been having complications in our plans to see one another lately. It's become a mission in my life to amend this as soon as I can.

We continue to define our relationship, and I value the communication even if sometimes it means understanding things that I'm less than eager to understand. But, in the big picture, we're both appreciating how important we are to one another.

Besides, I'm dying to fuck this woman in the woods. I need to hear branches creak as her cries resound in the dark, on the earth, fire smoke in our hair and twigs knawing at us from between our toes. I need to smell her flesh, her sweat, her sex as I drive deeply into her while my knees get scratched from wayward pebbles.


Anonymous said...

Weren't some of our first conversations about wood smoke? Dancing 'round fires? Nekkid, as you put it.

Rogue said...

Nekkid, as I put it. Nekkid in the woods, nekkid around the fire, nekkid in my tent.

Some day, I'll take you to an event where you'll revel with the resonant djembes among dozens of other sybarities like us.

Some day soon, I hope to mount you with the stars shooting over our ecstatic heads.

The Sexual Adventurer said...

I've now added fucking in the woods to my to-do list, based on your exquisite description.

Rogue said...

Sexual Adventurer: My tent fits up to four comfortably, six without gear. Grab your partner, and who knows what could happen after dark?

The Sexual Adventurer said...

Tsk tsk. Sounds like too much fun. The trick would be to convince M of such a thing.

Rogue said...

I've come to believe that there's no such thing as "too much fun." As for convincing M, well, all he'd would be to see Shayne in the buff, and I'm sure he'd be intrigued. ;) That is, assuming you brought the lucky boy. *wink*