Saturday, April 5, 2008

You've got mail.

Clem writes to ask:

I was directed to your site from yet another sex blogger's, Anal-Amy. I really liked your story that you posted on 23 March.

I had somewhat of a similar encounter with a young woman from Craig's List last summer. It deals with a young girl and an older man, uh, yea, me. It's a bit odd, but the sex was great. Wonder if you'd like to read it, or then, if I should 'blog' it too.
I'm a bit hesitant, as it seems all so tawdry, and frankly, a bit self-centered, but that's what blogging is about, right?
Anyway, I like Amy's blog as it deals a lot with anal sex, and my story from last summer deals with it too, as does yours. Got time for a reply? Your thoughts?


I love tawdry. You love tawdry. Everyone here is here for tawdry, friend. No shame in that.

I do think that delivery counts for a lot though, and that could make the difference between whether someone's blog reads as self-centred or simply sharing one's truth. Would one be writing to share one's fun and pleasure with others, or with humour, or as a poem, or with gigs of porno, or make it the electronic equivalent of scrawls on a men's room wall? I suspect that if the writer is being self-centred, that's what would probably result showing through the blog.

Me, I try to write from a place of fun, sensuality, and sharing for the sake of it. I want readers, and especially women readers, to have as much fun as I am. Sometimes I write from my Top headspace. Sometimes I write raw and explicitly. But I always try to demonstrate the respect and genuine affection I feel for my partners, and even if I'm just commenting on the sexy ass of some woman I see during my day, I want to write from a place of real appreciation rather than leering objectivication. Unless the leering is part of the fun.

But that's me, no better no worse than anyone else. If and when you write, let it be from the place in yourself where you're having fun. There will be people who will want to read it.

I think sexblogging can be an empowering experience. We live in a culture where our sexuality is heavily governed by billions of media messages that command us to act and think and stylize and live in certain ways. Both men and women are constantly feeling judged and underappreciated for who and what they are, what they get off on, what they fantasize about, what they really want in their lives when they stop looking at billboards and reading magazines.

I think sexblogs are awesome because people can be themselves. For women (I imagine), this can be liberating because women's sexual voices have been repressed and controlled for so very long. Thanks to visionaries like Nancy Friday, Erica Jong, Susie Bright, Xaviera Hollander, Camille Paglia, and many others, that's been changing. (And I think women are fucking hotter for it.) For men, I think this can be liberating because it affords us an opportunity to be sexual outside and away from the media images we're forced to accept as solely legitimate for what we're supposed to like, if we choose to.

And I believe any opportunity we have to use media to be ourselves, rather than some corporation's reconstituted image of what it means to be ourselves, is deliciously subversive and healthy.

So, dude, write. Tell us about your first time and how goddamn scared you were. Tell us about the time you saw stars when you came inside her amazing pussy. Tell us about the time your spouse blew you in your car when you were dating. Celebrate your sexuality because you can, because you have a right to, and because the rest of us sluts want to get off for chrissakes. Help us out!

As for your young girl experience from Craigslist, hey, I can tell you that Shayne loves the Daddy scenario, and I'm sure we'd love to learn all about it, you bad boy, you.

And I really enjoy Anal Amy's writings as well. Such a deliciously naughty tart, no?


The Sexual Adventurer said...

Thank you for your comment, and adding me to your blog list! I was beginning to wonder if anyone actually paid attention to my little corner of the world. It's an honor to be recognized. :)

Oh, and I love Anal Amy too... ;)

Volatilesub said...

I found your blog about two weeks ago and now you are on my regular reading list. Just wanted to stop by and say hi, I enjoy your blog because you use larger words than pussy and fuck and can string together a thought that is longer than two words. ;)

Rogue said...

Adventurer: You're very welcome, gorgeous. And did you see my earlier comment about camping? ;) What else is on that to-do list of yours?

Volatile: Oh, what a yummy name you have. Thanx for coming by and for sharing your thoughts, saying hello. I like that a lot. I expect a volatile sub like you might likely require something more commanding than ropes to hold you down... heavy chain, maybe? I bet your Top must have a large supply of gags for you too, then. ;)

Pussy. Fuck.


The Sexual Adventurer said...

Thank you for drawing my attention that comment, I had missed it.

The aforementioned to-do list has always sort of been something that's been in my head. But this poses a good idea of something to share. I'll think about it and post the findings on my blog. ;)

Rogue said...

Always glad to help. ;)