Friday, April 4, 2008

Scandalously fucktastic.

Shayne: I like the way you described Stacy's asshole in the blog. I'm looking forward to feeling myself wink at your touch too.
Me: Glad you enjoyed... but to be honest... its your gorgeous ass Im dying for. In your bed. In my tent. Bent over the back railing of your place. On the grass.
Shayne: Against a tree. In an alley. Bent over your kitchen table. In my shower.
Me: I want a scandalously fucktastic summer with you, wench. You understand? By autumn you'll be crying for mercy.
Shayne: You promise?
Me: I do. Your ass is mine.
Shayne: O! Good! Good tingles just thinking on it...
Me: Shuttup and suck it. *tug* ;)
Shayne: Yum!


Dude! said...

will you share her?! lol

Rogue said...

Would I? With the right guy with the right energy, I would. It's something that's come up in our hot discussions, but that's as much (if not more) her choice as mine.

We've shared each other once already. Some day I'll write about the time Shayne and I hooked up with her ex-girlfriend Annie.

Welcome to the blog. Enjoy!