Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The scent of flowers and sweat.

I sit here before my puter, numb, the sweet scent of her amazing body still upon my arms, my chest, my hands, in my beard.

My recent dates with Connie and my friend Erin were enjoyable, but sexually non-eventful. This morning found me frustrated and aloof, and as I sipped my tea, I casually cruised Craigslist for idle, brainless fun. A listing for NSA play caught my attention, especially when the image of the tattooed shorthaired brunette popped up on my screen.

Short hair on a woman. Tattoos on a woman. Two of my most vulnerable weaknesses. How could I possibly not respond? A few hours and a few emails later, I found myself on the porch of my pad, a beer in my hand, waiting for Jez to arrive.

Me: There's a relaxed, friendly guy and an ice-cold bottle of Keith's Red waiting for ya.

Jez: Cool... i think we will get along.

A punky woman rode up to my house on a bicycle, but she was a shorthaired blonde, so I panned her at first. Then she smiled and said hello, and my jaw dropped. Clearly, the photo I saw was old. Oh my.

Jez is a statuesque, mid20s, multi-tattooed, shorthaired brunette blonde nymph with bright, alluring eyes. She is, without question, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and possesses a light free spirit in her tall, thin, waify frame. She smelled like pungent flowers. Her smile caught me so deeply that she actually made me look away.

She locked her bicycle, the black jeans with studded belt and matching spaghetti-strap top she wore hiding the sexy black bra and lace panties that I would soon discover beneath them. As she walked up to me, I handed her a beer. We shook hands. We chatted, she sitting on the steps leading to my pad as she told me about her cat. She eventually asked when we would go inside.

She admired my snake. We sat on the futon in my writing den as she ran her fingers through my long locks. "I like your hair. I really like long hair on guys." We chatted about workshops I've taught, the fact I write this blog, and consensual non-monogamy. She told me about her vibrant bisexuality and that she's been submitting to a dominant woman in the area. Her kiss was timid and gentle, and her lips tasted sweet.

In the bedroom, and she pulled her top over her head to reveal that lovely bra and muscular abs. I sat on the edge of the bed and shook my head in silence as I admired her athletic, tight frame. The sparkling jewel in her navel. Her tattoos: the star in the center of her chest, the stars on her shoulderblades, the dagger through the heart on her forearm, the cryptic words on another forearm, more and more. I stood, turned her around, and nuzzled her shoulders and the nape of her neck as I coiled my hands around her to caress her hard tummy. Her scent captured me.

I undid her bra, and as my hands caressed their way around her ribs, soon they were graced with a pair of a lovely, firm, round breasts, each capped with tiny nipples that hardened at my touch. They fit into my hands perfectly, and stood at ready attention in my palms. I breathed the sweet scent of her skin deeply as I squeezed them gently, and she wrapped a hand around her back to caress my hips and feel my hardening cock through my hiking shorts. She cooed quietly, and told me of how she loved attention to her tits.

I removed my shirt and sat on the bed again as she undid her jeans. While the studded belt was peeled away from her waist, I pressed my face close to her tummy and caressed her thighs. She undid the button and lowered the zipper, and as she turned around to reveal her panties to me, I beheld an ass worthy of Sappho's poems.

Jez is all height. Her hips are not of the beautiful babymaking variety found among healthy Teutonic or African women; rather she looks like she should be an Olympic pole-vaulter or swimmer, with only the slightest change in width at her thighs. Before me, on slight hips and under the most adorable of dimples, was a high, tight, pert, round bottom that begged for immediate attention. It was ensconced in black lace which delved its material deep into a sensual chasm, revealing how pert and tight this flesh really was. I was awestruck. As I lowered the panties just below her dimples, revealing the uppermost portion of her amazing ass, I rained tender kisses on her soft and taut skin. Jez giggled.

She crawled onto the bed and lay on her tummy as I continued enjoying her tiny ass. I marveled at how high its curvature rose, and parted her open as I lay above and below her. As I did so, her bare, pink anus revealed herself to me. It featured an almost entirely smooth contour and possessed just a faint difference in skin tone. It was gorgeous and tender. Underneath was a bare, soft, blushing seam. Her mound, compressed closed with the tiniest petals of her inner lips peeking through like a kitten's tongue, shone before me in warm pink glory like a fresh fruit. Holding her ass in my hands, my tongue softly darted around her backdoor as she squirmed quietly.

"Mmm... you're one of those guys, are you?" she asked with a laugh. I am. She smiled and looked up over her shoulder to me as I mounted her for a few moments, sliding the length the my hard cock between her asscheeks, feeling my cockhead occasionally brush against her anus.

As I turned her over, she parted her soft legs and showed me her treasure. Split like a peach, pink like a carnation, her pussy looked powder-soft and inviting, that peeking petal coaxing me forward. I gave her the gentlest of swabs with the full of my tongue, and as I felt my mouth moisten for her, began a long slow session of worshipping her exquisite mound. Her clit was tiny and hardening, a cute little button hiding inside her sweet, young folds. Her scent was clean and subtle, though she was right when she warned me that she got very wet. From between her legs I looked up and saw her, head pushed back into my pillows, eyes closed, her mouth parted slightly as she enjoyed me.

"You should teach workshops on this," she sighed.

I started to probe inside her with my tongue, and her tightness thrilled me. A wet fingertip found itself teasing her g-spot as I sucked her clit between my lips and she shuddered. The same finger would later tease and coax small circles around her beautiful anus as I continued swabbing her and tasting her essence. Her backdoor sucked my fingertip in, but I resisted the temptation to penetrate her there: I was enjoying being at her entrance just that much. I could have feasted on her all day.

I was laying back and relaxing when her mouth made its way to my cock. Her short hair felt awesome between my fingers as her head bobbed eagerly, her mouth tight and wet around my shaft. Longer strands of her hair covered her right eye, so my view revealed the left of her chiseled face as the side of her mouth was tugged with my cock on her upstroke. She looked up at me as she sucked, and soon her fist grasped the base of me and jacked off while her lips danced on my cockhead. She moaned as she suckled on my girth.

Needing to fuck her, I stood up and reached for my bag of condoms. She sat upright on my bed and brought her sweet mouth to me some more, sucking harder. She rested her forehead at my abs as I held her head still from the nape, her hair between my fingertips, while I fucked her mouth.

"You like that? You like it when I fuck your mouth?" She moaned her approval. I caressed her shoulders as I thrust myself across her tongue and through her tight lips.

What I wanted was to get her on her hands and knees and take her hard and deep, to enjoy her amazing little ass and slender hips as I fucked her. She confessed that most positions short of missionary weren't as enjoyable for her, so I was happy to mount her that way and watch her face as she took me.

"I'm an old-fashioned girl that way," she laughed. Resting my fists above her shoulders, I smiled to myself as I felt her thighs against me while I mounted her. Her snug fit gripped my girth, and I enjoyed watching her beautiful face relax as she took pleasure in my strokes. The black star tattoo between her small breasts begged for attention, and I marveled at her arm sleeves as she held them above her head while I fucked her. Her breasts shook only slightly, and her body scent enshrouded me with sweetness as the heat of the day had us perspiring in our embrace.

I wanted to cum on her ass. She knelt on all fours as I stripped off the condom and coiled my arm around her waist. Lubing my cock, I stroked myself as I gazed deeply into her mysteries, adoring how her split asscheeks showed me her pink, bare anus again, and the peach of her mound between her strong thighs. Her head rested on the pillow, tilted, as she watched me stroke my cock with wide eyes.

"I love watching a man jack off," she sighed. Soon, I felt the palm of her hand at my balls, and she massaged and squeezed me as I stroked. She gasped as I slide a finger inside her, circling and probing it in, just as I felt her thigh brush against my cockhead and send me off. I came in strong bursts against her thigh, my grunts reeling me into ecstacy, my eyes riveted to her slender back, her ass, her beautiful holes. She cooed me on and squeezed my cum from me, her fingers gently wrapped around each of my testicles.

We relaxed, we laughed. We hunted for her panties. She got dressed to go, and I slipped a cold bottle into her bag with a joke of how 'romantic' it was for me to sneak a beer in there.

We hugged. I could still feel her essence, and relished the scent of her flowery oil and our summer sexsweat on my body.

She got on her bike and rode away, smiling to me as she waved.

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Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Goddamn, Rogue. That put me in quite the state. Bravo.

Rogue said...

Oh my. Did I leave you in a throbbing, unsatisfied state? Tut tut. Something really should be done about that.