Thursday, September 25, 2008

Almond and frankincense.

The scented oil seethed between my fingers, dripping slowly along the length of them in clear, pungent streams. My hands roasted as I pressed them together, working the oil into my palms and across the fingertips. The room smelled of frankincense and patchouli, and when my fingers gently grasped her at the shoulders, her skin began to glow as I clutched and kneaded her tense but yielding muscles.

Her spine shimmered as my hands caressed and tugged her there. Her arms glistened as I compressed her fingers together, massaging them to the bone. The curvature of her lovely, modest breasts made me smile as my fingertips passed over them, compressed under her chest. I squeezed the nape of her neck and withdrew tension from just under her head.

Lower, and the small of her back wiggled as I gave her attention. The sheer black panties she wore darkened at the waistline where the oil began to dampen them. My hands moved upward to her shoulders again, and back down to knead her coccyx, when I noticed her movements and slow gyrations. I was getting hot too.

When I began to peel the panties down, I swallowed hard as my breath began to quicken. Raising and lowering the tight, sheer material, I teased us both. Tugging her panties up high, I tightened the crotch against her shaven mound. Lowering them and putting them back to place, I gave myself a visual feast as I revealed and hid and revealed her beautiful ass to me.

When I finally lowered them, revealing her pert behind to my hungry view, my cock felt thick and pulsing hard against the edge of the bed. I pressed my face close to her skin, nibbling and biting her cheek just at the edge of her upper thigh, and felt myself relax placidly as her ass was against my face. There's a calm, a peace, that I find when I'm so intimately close to my partner, and there's a moment when the rest of the world just stops as I indulge in the sensuality of it.

I caressed her ribs as I nuzzled. She had already begun a quiet cooing as she raised her upper thighs into the air expectantly. Her ass opened like a flower when she did so, and her dark rosebud peeked at me deliciously.

By then, I needed to taste her. Tugging her backward from the hips, I raised her ass higher into the air until her tummy was off the bed and she lay there on knees and chest. A hand to each cheek and I parted her open, giving me access to her pink, smooth, beautifully creased mound. Her labia was compressed together by her thighs, but as my wet and warm tongue began to swab and probe her, I could feel it parting her petals just so. Her scent made me moan from deep in my chest, and her wetness soaked my chin and lips as I feasted. When I pulled my mouth away to rain open-mouth kisses on her behind, I could still taste and smell her clean and feral essence against my face.

For me, her scent fused in the room with the almond and frankincense. I loved it.


Rogue said...

I'd like to thank the sexy Madeline Glass for selecting this post for Fleshbot. Along with "Her spinning fingers" and "What I did on my summer vacation," I'm pleased that this submission has been well enough enjoyed to be included on that excellent site.

I adore giving long, sensual, hot oil massages. In high school, giving backrubs to my girl friends (note the spacing there) was one flirtacious way I made new women buddies.

Later, I had one special friend, Brina, with whom I shared an ongoing nude massage thing... and oh how I wish so much more could have happened with her. It almost and kindasorta did. Another post for another time.

Shayne said...

Very nice

Rogue said...

Thank you baby... you wanna strip down now and lemme heat up some oil? Mm? :D