Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday night at the movies.

I'm certain that my father chuckled to some of these.


Anonymous said...

“You’re going to grow up all the way right now…” Hmm…I wonder what else did they did after that spanking?

Rogue said...

I really enjoy that scene too.

After our haughty, would-be gun-toting blonde (actor Susan Oliver) receives her cumupance, we see her pushed to the ground and sniffling, downcast eyes revealing her complete embarassment. The camera shows her slowly looking upward again, pouting just slightly, as the scene fades to black.

Perhaps, Sensualist, what we miss is the sight of this man standing before that log now, his calloused hands reaching to undo the buckle around his prairie-soiled pants. Does she swallow in nervousness as he withdraws himself out there under the Oklahoma sun? What else could happen so that he assures she has "grown up all the way?"

Me, however, my favourite scene has to be actor Judi Meredith ("The Tomboy" from the "Restless Gun" series). Probably it's my prediliction for tomboys in general, but her well-tanned bottom certainly sounds deliciously firm.

And for you TV geeks: that "Restless Gun" episode also featured a young Leonard Nimoy as Indian scout Cherokee Ned. Susan Oliver also appeared on several Star Trek episodes.

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