Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shayne, Buzzy, and my initiation into kink.

One of the games that Shayne and I play (yes, we're still discussing the nature of our relationship) is to randomly send one another picture messages of happenings throughout our day that amuse us. One favourite topic is people-watching, and earlier today I sent her the image of a charming lesbian couple whom I spotted and enjoyed basking in their romantic affection with one another.

Me: Check out this lovely dyke couple: a young bigger-grrl and her whitehaired butch Mommy. Yum!

What followed was a textmessage chat about how I first became involved in the liberating world of kink.

Shayne: Mm. A butch mommy & a leather daddy? Yes please.

Me: You shoulda met my very old friend Buzzy. She woulda put you thru paces, grrl.

Shayne: Sounds delightful. Where she live?

Me: NYC. I was a 19yo newbie, subbing at Paddles, and she was a 30+ leatherdyke with a stable of adoring women. Tall, fit, buzzcut blonde in white Tshirt and black leather vest. She took me to dykebars and sneered when others gave her shit for it. She taught me how to crop. She'd be in her late 50s or more now.

Shayne: I love your stories.

Me: :) I love you. And Id love to make new kinky stories together with you. Buzzy had a little salt&pepper dog. "She's *my* Top," Buzzy would say.

Shayne: :) what did her house look like?

Me: Standard issue small Manhattan 1br. Minimal furnishing save for huge, decadent bed. An elliptic trainer she used as a StAndrews. Stark white walls, hardwood. She was a Spartan in every sense of the word. She got respect.

Shayne: Le sigh

Me: :) She had a tall, lithe German as her pet. Long blonde hair, backpacker, model. I think Buzzy was with LSM and rode with the Sirens. Not sure.

Shayne: Wow. Sounds like youd have to keep your cool around that kind of woman. Until the right moment at least. What are those?

Me: Sometimes. :) She, Mistresses Corrine Lion, Lady Pamela, Linda were my first mentors. My Topspace is 90% leatherdyke-nurtured. Sirens MC is a dyke bike club. LSM is the Lesbian Sex Mafia, a dyke bdsm network.

Shayne: How on earth did you get in with those women, my love?

Me: Corrine was Pam's Top (and an MTF ex-football player) who liked goblets for her home dungeon. They met me when I was working with pewtersmiths at the NY Renaisnc Faire, and they wanted a pegasus goblet. I got em a great deal, Pam took a shine to me, and they took me under their wing as their new playtoy. Thats how I got my start in kink. They did stage shows at Paddles and later added me to their scenes there. I got popular for ad-libbing during the kinky stage shows and soon Master Michael and Mistress Donni (his partner at the time) took me on for door check and scene supervision as staff. I met everyone who was anyone in the 80s NYC bdsm scene, and only two years after losing my virginity.

Shayne: Mister big shot! I wish you were telling me this story from an armchair in front of a fire. Me naked and collared at your feet.

Me: I'd enjoy having you in such a position. Now refill my brandy.

And speaking of kink, I very recently joined the ranks of kinksters everywhere on FetLife, the "BDSM and Fetish Community for Kinksters By Kinksters." It's free to sign up, so why not join the rest of us randy people? I'd be pleased to make new "friends" who read Urban Roguery.

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Lilly said...

I love storytime.

I saw your friend request dear, but I'm no longer part of FetLife. Well, in theory. I've asked to have my account deleted, but....that hasn't happened yet. It's just not for me. Not right now.

That sounds like an obscenely fun "game" though :) I could quite like that.

Rogue said...

Storytime is fun. ;) Perhaps you'd enjoy being beside Shayne as the fire crackles? I have no doubt that she'd adore having you nude and collared beside her...

Rogue said...


Look out for the image I sent to Shayne, the "young bigger-grrl and her whitehaired butch Mommy," in the next photo essay!

jenna said...

You at 19? Barely legal, hot guy!

Shayne said...

OMG monseuir. Sexy Man!

Rogue said...

Hi baby!