Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Transit teasers.

Shayne's recent naughty antic of flashing herself on the subway train has had me smirking for days. That funny tart. She's a riot. She was going to lift her dress and flash her butt as she left the train, but alas, younguns were near.

While I've never been inducted into the Mile High Club or received a blowjob in the back of a Greyhound bus, it had me musing on similar naughtiness that I've enjoyed over the years.

o Lots of people likely have memories of make-out sessions in the subway system. My favourite was when I dated a sexy Puerto Rican girl, Mandy, while in high school. Riding the latenight N train in New York with her, the train stalled and the lights went black for a short while. We made out like the hot kids we were, she stroking my hardening teenage cock over my jeans until the lights suddenly flashed on.

o I have friends who work with public transit, and they've shared stories about the "bus bunnies." It seems that transit staff is something of a fetish niche for a certain class of women who get off on giving anonymous blowjobs to drivers at the remote ends of the their late-night runs. I've also been told that "back in the day," subway workers would enjoy latenight trysts with lovers (married, professional, or otherwise) in the hidden-away rooms and nooks of the urban underground.

o While riding a night bus in another city, a pride of laughing, drunken women boarded together after having clearly had a fun night out. Trying to fish her pre-paid travel pass from her bag, one longhaired blonde slurred to the driver, "Let me show you my butt pass."

Catching herself, she burst out laughing. She then turned, bent over, looked at the driver over her shoulder and said, "Here! This is my butt pass!" as she smacked herself squarely and loudly on her right asscheek. The driver let her on board.

o The night bus was crossing a city bridge, in the middle of which a couple were making out. Her back was to the road, and as the bus passed by, she lifted her short skirt to flash her brown bubble butt in black boyshorts. It was very yummy.

o She was a thin, athletic black woman with cropped, curly short hair. As her white male companion boarded the bus, she smiled at him and lifted her white shirt. She laughed as the bus driver smiled and as those passengers who were looking in their direction gawked while she flashed her pert, tiny breasts to all who would see. Her companion seemed to blush as he shook his head, smiling, and took a seat.

o "I always thank the driver as I illegally get off at the front of the bus," a friend recently shared with me. "I do this mostly so that the driver can get a glimpse of my ass as I exit."

o "Do you go all the way?" she asked the bus driver. "Oh, with my girlfriend, all the time," he replied, "but anyone else has to get her permission."

So, readers and fellow commuters, I ask you: What are some your favourite sexy public transit memories or experiences?

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Anonymous said...

standing in front of my boyfriend on a crowded subway with my back to him and i squeezed his hardon the whole time

JohnO said...

Way back when (late teens), a friend and I were admiring the line of teen ass that was standing down the main aisle of the bus. Since I was exiting first he dared me to grab just one them on the way off the bus.

I did him 4 better and grabbed 5 asses along the way.

There was the expected chorus of "Eeek." "He grabbed by butt!", etc.

But as I jumped off the bus and looked back in triumph at my friend (who looked very surprised I had actually done it), I also took in 5 very large smiles from the girls I had groped.

chris said...

When I was a taxi driver, sometimes I would pick up hookers to take them to motels. I remember one chick who arrived at a party full of black guys in one, and have always wondered what she did that night.

One time I also picked up some women to take them to a Hell's Angels clubhouse. The sergeant-at-arms definitely gave me the once-over as he watched the women leave my cab and go inside.

Lots of other cabbies would get blowjobs from the hookers too.

Rogue said...

Anonymous ~
Yummy. I'm sure he enjoyed that...

JohnO ~
Awesome. :) Definitely a risk you took, but maybe it was that you did them all that made it playful and fun. Very cool that they enjoyed it, and I'm sure you did too!

Chris ~
There was a time when I drove a cab for a little extra cash, so I can relate. Definitely many opportunities for voyeuristic fun.

Shayne said...

When I was sweet 16, I used to get that, now familiar, tingling in my pelvis that meant my panties were getting soaked every time I was driving to my boyfriend's house.

Not long after we'd started having sex our raging teen hormones led us to fucking on the hood of his brother's car which was parked on the street. It was about 10 p.m. and the closest street lamp was at the corner. It wasn't pitch black but it was fairly visible.

Most of our relationship was spent seeking places to "do it". We used to screw or masturbate each other all over that town: in parks, on baseball fields, in his grandmother's shed. One of my most fond memories was the hood of that car. Thinking that someone might see us at any moment, or that his older brother (who I fantasized about) might come out and see us made me terribly excited.

I became conditioned to get wet anytime I drove near his place, and it took me years to figure out what was going on in my pants during those times.