Friday, September 12, 2008

Shayne takes a bathroom break.

Shayne: I have ten minutes of lunch left. I'm going to rub my clit til i cum in the hotel bathroom next door. If you want to call me. Now. That'd be nice.

How could I possibly say no?

She's whispering when she answers. I can imagine her, cautiously checking the other stalls for occupants and then locking the small door behind her. I can picture her lowering her panties slightly as she bends foward to the metal support bar of the larger wheelchair-accessible stall. I can see her slightly splayed legs, one hand holding the phone to her head, the other beginning to explore her full and pillowy folds. Knowing Shayne, I am certain that she is already wet and musky with arousal.

I start to speak to her, telling her how I love to suck her, how I'd love to have her bent over in that stall and fuck her hard. Soon, it becomes clear that she'd rather I just shuttup and listen, enjoy the sounds of her jilling as she escorts herself through her own fantasy. In that fantasy, she later tells me, we've pre-arranged to play a little game.

I'm waiting in the hotel lobby. I'm looking for my prey, looking for her. She enters. She reaches the elevator. I will have her. I've chosen her.

Racing up the stairs, I catch the elevator as it makes the second floor. I've just missed her, but I know where she's going now. I take the elevator one more flight up. Once there, I see the door of the women's room just closing behind her pump. Now she'll be mine.

The light is bright in the restroom. She is alone, in the last stall, and she's foolishly left it unlocked. So trusting, so available.

"You entered the bathroom stall,
she later shared. "I was there, facing the wall, holding the accessible-rail lightly and looking down deferentially. You shut and locked the door. My pants and panties were already around my ankles. I said nothing and neither did you."

Look at that ass, I said to myself. How demure she is, coming here and making herself available for me. For my cock. It's time to have some fun with this slut...

"You grabbed me, first taking my left ass cheek firmly in your grip, then biting me on the right side of my neck. The rough cotton of your denim against my bare ass and legs made me wetter. My cunt throbbed. You gripped both of my breasts from behind firmly and gave them a short but rough massaging, obviously for your own pleasure. You unzipped your jeans and the sound of it echoed in the silent bathroom. My wetness felt as though it would begin to run down my legs.

"You took your hard cock in hand, spread my legs a bit, and then slapped my cunt with it. You said nothing, but the intake of your breath showed me that you could feel my hot moisture. You teased me this way, slapping against my swollen lips for half a minute before sharply grabbing my hips, pulling me up and sliding your cock in. You did it smoothly but with a slowness that made me want to cry out."

Through the silence on the phone, I hear the faintest of gasps. It's followed shortly after with some quiet moans, and I faintly hear an echo. I'm sure her eyes are squeezed shut now, her body swaying a little, her fingertips speeding across her thrumming pebble, her back raising and lowering as she breathes deeply. I love listening to her cum, and I really enjoy these serendipitous moments of random play. It isn't long before she crests, and I'm listening to her moans and cries echo in a hotel women's room west of me.

"You built up steam and eventually were furiously fucking me this way in the hotel bathroom. Someone could walk in at any moment and we'd be trapped there - I liked the idea, but didn't want you to stop for anything. You fucked and fucked and fucked me, and I wanted to cry out at the top of my lungs with coming. I did not. I knew the consequences that might bring and wanted only your pleasure.

"Just before you came you then said the first words to me since walking in:

"'I'm going to come on your ass and I want you to rub it into your skin. Let it dry and wear it under your office clothes for the rest of the day, slut.'

"That made me come again."

I listen to her peak and relax. I can imagine the sparkle in her eyes. When she's finished and leaves the restroom, I listen to her giggle as she brushes through a crowd of conversing businessmen, then the sound of traffic around her as she heads back to her office. There's pep in her voice, and I have no doubt, a saucy smile on her rosy face.

She's such a lovely and fiery tart, this one.

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Coy Pink said...

You two are the reason for global warmning!! Steaming up the earth with your phone sex. *fanning self*

Shayne is a beauty. I love the last picture. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I've wanted to do a hotel stalking scene for years. I'm just going to have to get on a serious search for a willing stalker after this post.

Rogue said...

Coy Pink ~
She is a beauty, isn't she? And she's a spicy, saucy wench, let me tell you. Mmmm mm. Earlier this evening, we were talking about how great she'd be at burlesque.

Thank you... Maybe some time we'll try a conference call, no? *wink*

Cinful ~
This was Shayne's fantasy, but I can easily see us making something like this happen. In an earlier post, there's mention of how I initiated our bondage play together with her receiving a certain change of attire by me, as I waited (and counted how long it took for her to dress) in a lobby, visions of her across my knee in mind...

Rogue said...

I miss these moments, these pleasurable and random times, with you, Shayne. I really miss you. I really miss us.