Friday, September 19, 2008

Cupcake does the shimmytittyjiggle.

The coffee hasn't quite made it to my brain as I struggle through the early part of my day. Leave it to Shayne to give me reason to widen my eyes and send a surge of adrenaline through me.

I had just sent her a textmessage saying a simple, loving hello. My cellphone responds with that telltake chirp that alerts me to an incoming picture message, and there before me is the delicious image of her lovely, pendulous breasts framed between her forearms.

Shayne: Hi! A belated HNT from the girls and me! :*

My eyes pop open and my belly laugh startles those around me.

Me: *boink!* Woop! Hi girls!! :)

Shayne: *shimmy titty jiggle* in unison singsong: Hi-eee!

Me: *slips a 20 in your gstring*

Shayne: Oh! Hey there sexy man. How come i haven't seen you here before? Wanna dance?

Me: My first time here, lovely lady. In town over the weekend on business, staying at the King Eddie. Youre really quite the dancer... is there a VIP room? What's your name?

Shayne: Oh i like a man who doesn't waste time. My name is Cupcake. *takes your hand and pulls you from the chair* You can imagine what THAT did to me in middle school.

Me: *led by you* Seems like its you who's eager, Cupcake - not that I mind. That skirt from your middle school days too? What are you drinking, sexy?

Shayne: A man on business? Hm. You have much more appeal to me than the usual business set. I like your beard.

Me: And I like the way you move...

Shayne: Bourbon on the rocks, why thank you. Here, get comfortable on this sofa. Ready for your dance? *lowers self to a squat, looking deeply into your eyes* :) Listen. I can dance for you all night, but that's only gonna take you so far. If you have the time, stick around til my shift's over and i'll get you to put that beard against my inner thighs back at your hotel.

Me: My, Cupcake... you really *are* eager, aren't you? ...It's the tie, isn't it? Damn, I'm glad I wore my power tie today...


Shayne said...

You never did answer when I said I was glad you were wearing your tie too. I mentioned all the sexy uses those accessories can be put to.

And your response Sir, Rogue?

Coy Pink said...

There is absolutely never a dull moment with you two. I love it!

Rogue said...

My response, you wanton hussy, would be to ply you with alcohol and kisses before I, most gentlemanly, take you to my suite.

There, the cold champagne and beluga would await us, right beside the steaming tub which I would slide your lovely body into. Once you've washed off the cigarettes and enfused aromas of stripper's perfume and men's colognes, the warmed Egyptian cotton towels would seduce you into bliss.

It would be then, pretty one, when you'd feel my hands at your back. Kisses at your neck. A nibble on your shoulder.

Followed by your wrists seized gently but firmly, then the quick binding as richly coloured silk possesses them at the small of your back.

Hoisted up and over my shoulder, your warm and damp and nude self would be uncermeoniously tossed to the king-sized bed, whereupon your mouth would be bound with silk, your ankles bound with silk, you eyes covered by silk.

And you would be truly mine.

Rogue said...

Coy Pink ~
:) We certainly enjoy our fun!

Wanna watch? :D

Rogue said...

Love and miss you.