Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hot Reads: Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies by Jay Wiseman

I've lowered her cotton pyjama pants and pleated panties around her knees, and have been thoroughly enjoying Sweethart's tender derriere across my lap. What a fantastic ass. She yelps so nicely as I spank her, but she catches me unprepared when she suddenly whimpers, "Please, no marks, sir," between her sniffles. It's a little late to be informing me of a boundary like that (virtually guaranteeing a future punishment session), but the damage is done. Is there a topical ointment to help reduce those embarassing welts and bruises for when she's in the girls' lockerroom Friday morning?

She's been moaning for more all night and the motel bed is a mess of rustled sheets. I sit on the floor behind Swingerwife, probing her beautiful anus with a thin purple vibrator as she's bent over the bed. Suddenly, in a hungry moment for even more, she thrusts her gorgeous bottom backward just as I'm sliding the vibe a little deeper and sschllp it vanishes! Oopsie!

I have her just where I want her. Wearing my non-latex gloves, I'm liberally soaking my hands in lube as Ms. Inconspicuous hangs languidly from the full suspension harness, blindfolded, her labia glistening and eager. Before my chest, she sways slowly in the rigging as I prepare to probe her and ready her magnificent pussy for a long, slow session of gentle fisting. I nudge her warm thighs apart with my elbows and step closer when kkraaak the main eyebolt breaks free of the beams and she crashes to the floor! Ruh ro.

Part of Greenery Press' "Toybag Guide" series, BDSM educator Jay Wiseman responds to these and many more potential safety and awareness issues in Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies. Wiseman, an EMT and firefighter, brings both his professional and bondage expertise to cogently explain to experienced practitioners how to handle unpleasant (and sometimes dangerous) situations. Does a bite from a partner pose any health risks, and what are some effective ways to reduce risk? Why would a prepared Top want to keep a bottle of chewable kiddie aspirin in his or her toybag? Is coldness of the fingertips an effective gauge for healthy blood circulation during bondage play?

But in addition to potential medical emergencies, Wiseman also presents level-headed guidelines for handling crises of emotional and social natures, making his work applicable to everyone engaging in sex-positive relationships of any kind, and not to BDSM kinksters alone. What can you do when a partner has overstepped your personal boundaries? How might you handle an emotional confrontation when in a sensitive space? What ways, in addition to using safewords, can an adventurous person preserve personal safety, especially with partners one may have just met? How might you best handle matters when your loud playparty becomes of interest to the passing police cruiser?

For BDSMers, playparty enthusiasts, and sexually adventurous people in general, Wiseman has prepared a practical and useful resource to have on our bedroom bookshelves. Read it, keep it handy, create a playspace first-aid kit of your own, and refer to this book often. Because unless you have some hardcore doctor fantasies, no one really wants to go to the emergency room with a purple vibrator in their ass.

images Greenery Press, Doctor Tushy


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

*Sound of record coming to an abrupt stop*

Okay, I was with you on the fantasy until you got to "fisting".

Ellie said...

What a clever way of reviewing a book. It does sound like an excellent and important one.

Rogue said...

Ms. Inconspicuous ~
Aw. Is my favourite li'l tartmuffin all a'skeered for her li'l quimmy? Does she think this big bad boy would hurt her tenderest treasures so terribly? Fear not, beautiful one. I wouldn't leave you traumatized.


Ellie ~
Thank you. I've found that Wiseman's work is very relevant and topical, and I may review more of his tities in the future.

Thank you for commenting, and feel free to stick around.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

*Sticks out lower lip*
*Makes big saucer eyes*


Rogue said...

Ms. Inconspicuous ~
Oh, my. You are so adorable. Lookit you.

Now, were I to explore your precious depths with these skilled, well-lubricated fingers of mine, rest assured that I'd never push you past any limits. I'd be interested in seeing the expression of shocked ecstacy on your tender face, not shocked anguish, darling.

But I know you know that. I know you're being cute.

And making such cute pouty faces will only entice me to curl my strong arm around your waist and hoist you across my lap, where you'll be held firm as you endure the indignity of having your panties peeled from your bottom.

What might you suppose will happen then? And will those big saucery eyes find something to really widen about, do you think?

Sweethart said...

Another punishment session? Do you think if I got on my knees and begged your forgiveness you would show me leniency?


Rogue said...

... Hm.