Friday, August 15, 2008

The dangerous and the demure.

One encounters the most intriguing people on the intarnets, no? Especially those who become fans of Urban Roguery.

Take Lilly. (Yes, please, take her. She won't complain. Honest.) Lilly is a vivacious, voluptuous vixen who enjoys her toys... especially a nice, quiet game of Scrabble. But be careful: Lilly could be dangerous... she likes to remind us that it's not truly exhibitionism is no one is watching, so give a grrl a break and help her out, willya?

And then there's delilah. Sweet, innocent college girl on Facebook and playing World of Warcraft. When she's not attending Sociology 201 in her pyjamas, she's probably wearing her collar and receiving a sound spanking from her Sir. I don't want to think about what happens if she flunks an exam. (Ok, that's a lie... I do.)

In fact, delilah's young, tender ass is still available for spankings by you when you support fellow blogger Jefferson and donate to the Sexual Freedom Legal Defense And Education Fund! At a mere twenty tax-deductable dollars, you too can spank this li'l, pyjama'd coed and see the results on her site. Fellow sexbloggers who spread the word get extra spanks too, so make every hit on her high-and-tight heinie count.

Hrm. Women offering their asses to be spanked for money. Sounds familiar.

image Karup's Hometown Amateurs, Girls Boarding School


Delilah said...

Thank you very much for your (blush-inducing) comments. Heh.

Lilly said...

Oh my, such alliterative and flattering descriptions you give, Rogue ;)

So what's on tap for next week, the Bold and the Beautiful? ;)

Rogue said...

delilah, you naughty girl,

You're very welcome. What I'd give to see that blushing face of yours up close and personal. Especially if it's just moments before you descend across your Sir's lap for a long, drawn-out correction.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the sight of your blushing red bum later this month, darling.

Lilly, you saucy wench,

The Bold and the Beautiful? Perhaps that'll wait for a photo spread of just the two of us, mm? I'm pleased that my alliterations alight your solicitations.

Any new ideas for Scrabble? Triple word score on DO ME HARD maybe?