Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Morning wouldn't.

The sun wasn't up yet when I left for work this morning. On my way for coffee, a blonde streetwalker cautiously approached and offered me a "date."

"It's only twenty dollars," she smiled. "We can go over there." She pointed her shoulder toward an alley behind a car wash.

She looked like she had spent many childhood summers shucking Ontario corn. She needed a shower, a chance to brush her teeth, maybe some cleaner clothes, but she wasn't particularly unattractive. As I politely declined, all I could think of was, "Baby, why are you asking for so little?"


Sensualist said...

Ok, that's kind of funny. But I was also hoping you gave her the $20 for the shower and toothbrush. Found you on SwingerWife and had to come check you out. She said your posts were hot, so....I'll come back and take a look around.

Rogue said...

That wouldn't have been a bad idea. Truth be told and now that you remind me of it, I've done similar things before.

Welcome. Swingerwife is good people, and I'm pleased that a friend of hers is taking a peek in my pad.