Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tying up loose ends.

Some loose ends from throughout the past week:

o I've been getting to "meet" more of you whom are regular readers here lately, and I'm enjoying it a lot. You know who you are.

o For the past four years, there's been an inscription in the concrete pavement in front of my home that bears my and The Grrl's names, which I scratched in the moist cement just before she moved in with me. After we broke up and she moved back to the States, it always warmed me to still see it there, and it gave me a moment to remember her.

There's been new contruction next door, and work crews tore up the pavement and replaced it with fresh concrete as the driveway there received stonework. The inscription is gone. That kind of sucks.

o Shayne and I continue to talk. It's surreal, it's difficult, but I'm staying focused on the positive. I love and miss her.

o I'm about to leave for a coffee date with Carly, and while I have no expectations, it feels good to at least be going out. It'll distract me from thinking about Shayne.

Tomorrow, however, should be fun. Returning to my area after a trip cross-country, Molly is back in town and expressed interest in getting together. It was my time with Molly that made its way into a post that, in turn, became my first 'honourable mention' on both Fleshbot and The Fellatrices. I'll be BBQing some burgers, cooling some sweet red wine, and perhaps enjoying an evening of fun and frolic. I need the fun. Molly is far from being Shayne, but she has her points.

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