Friday, August 8, 2008

Good toys for naughty boys and girls.

I like sex toys. Odds are, so do you. If you haven't tried any, you owe it to yourself (and your partners).

In addition to writing erotica, serving as a bdsm club bouncer, and being a phone sex worker, over the years I've enjoyed being retail staff at various sex shops in the US and Canada. Between that and play in my personal life, I've been exposed to a lot of sex toys, bondage gear, and related goodies.

Some months ago, the people at VibeReview approached me and asked me to become a part of their affiliate team. They did so because they enjoyed this blog, but when I finally accepted their offer, it was partially because I thought there might be something in it for both of us, you and I, also. With the banners provided, let me encourage you to clik when you're ready to begin (or expand) your own personal toy chest. (Plug, plug.) As time goes on, perhaps I'll share more details about sex toys as well, maybe even featuring some reviews. Whatdya think? Your comments are appreciated.

Besides. I've been curious about the Fleshlight anyway.

Meanwhile, my thanx to Heather and the other delightful women at VibeReview for showing confidence in what this otherwise-respectable man can offer.

Sex Toys and Vibrator Reviews at VibeReview
Sex Toys @ VibeReview!

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Dude! said...

i've had the fleshlight for a while
now, needless to say it's well
worth it's price :D

Rogue said...

I get really annoyed with condoms, and have been wondering if using the Fleshlight with them would help me get over the insensitivity issues.

Thanx for commenting on this.