Saturday, August 9, 2008


The sun is creeping across the bed, the forest green comforter brightens with the slowly awakening day. The mommy cat paws at our faces, eager for us to rise and fill a dish. Late summer breeze elicits resonant tones from the chime just outside the window. Your leg is warm against mine, and your face is so lovely as it rests scrunched against my broad chest. My eyes open slowly, adjusting to the light, and as I breathe deeply, I smell your sleep. The bedroom still vibrates from the previous night's coupling in the dark.

My arm moves slowly, and my hand gently cups your shoulder as it rests across the back of your neck. I pull you close and smile as you blink your eyes open. You accept my soft kiss, and your warm breast presses close against my muscles as you snuggle closer and close your eyes again, drifting off into a snooze.

You are Diva, my first and longest, who tried her best. You are Shayne, my crack of sunlight, who both yearns and withdraws. You are the Grrl, my ruin, who saw art in rage.

Miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Rogue. I hope these women all know how lucky they were to have had you in their lives.

Lilly said...

Ok, I'm sorry if this is offensive because you're male, but it reminded me a bit of Alanis Morrisette's "Unsent" song - a letter to her exes.

Poignant. Sweet. Just "awwww" :)

Rogue said...

Swingerwife, dearest ~
Thank you. You're kind.

Lilly ~
Alanis rocks. How could I possibly be offended? Thank you for coming and remarking.