Friday, August 1, 2008

Photo Essay: Craigslist courtesans of Montreal.


Coy Pink said...

Were those pictures sent to you after responding to an add or placed in an ad? I was never so lucky to run across any nice pictures of naked women in my Craigslist trolling. Naked men.... well, that's another story. My favorite (said with much sarcasm) male picture from Craigslist was this: a shot looking down at an erect penis laying on (what I assume is) a bathroom counter next to a bottle of hairspray or hair gel for size comparison. *sigh* He REALLY thought that was the best picture for his ad?? Really??

I'm working on my Craigslist "kiss and tell" post right now.

Helena S. said...

Don't (or didn't) you ever get bored with sex? Because I did - after having adventures and experiments one after another. At some point I just didn't get anything out of it anymore.

But now it's different after being in a relationship for some years and having a family. I guess it's the excitement I'm missing, not the sex. Sexuality is so much more than the actual act.

Helena S. said...

PS. I would win your contest anytime. My husband says that my ass is my best asset. ;-)

Rogue said...

Coy Pink, mon doux ~
It was pouring rain outside when, some time ago, I found myself enjoying a light wine and cruising Craiglist for naked fun (so to speak). These are selected images of sex workers from the Montreal area as shared on their listings.

I like this theme, and may use it again.

I have a fascination with sex workers (myself having been one of sorts in the past), though while I'm not in the habit of securing their services, I get a rise out of images such as these. Two of my past partners were stripclub dancers, and at least one other (perhaps like a fair number of women) has considered doing more, shall we say, person-to-person work.

Sometimes I wonder if many men have a sense of the aesthetic. The man who sent you his Dick With Pantene picture was likely like many; thinking that you were primarily focused on his dimensions, rather than who he was as a person. But I suppose I'm preaching to the converted when I suggest that, no?

What a photo theme that would be: Dickpics From Hell.

(Side note to guys: try more subtlety.)

I await your Craigslist bedroom stories with heated anticipation. Shall I send you a picture of my dick to prove it? smirk

Helena ~
In the sense of me, my body, and I, well, from time to time my own libido takes a vacation for a few days to maybe two weeks. But when he returns, he's alive, well, and probably has neat little tacky tourist gifts for the kids.

I agree that sex is so much more than just the act of intercourse. I'm enthralled with its role in relationships, courtship, dance, romance, drama, power, culture, gender, art, literature, anthropology, propaganda, politics, sociology, history, poetry, music, food, class, race, religion, business, society, and even in the way the computer revolution itself owes so much to the ease and availability of erotica and porn to the consumerist masses.

In that sense, no, I don't get bored with sex.

Now, as for your lovely ass, darling. Well, that sounds like a friendly challenge, doesn't it? (Do other readers agree?) My email is []. Let hubby take your favourite, send it off with your consent for me to happily showcase you, and let the lot of us smile and nod in shameless appreciation. Whadya say? wink

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I'm pleased to have you here. Enjoy