Monday, August 18, 2008

Kay likes to play doctor.

I "met" Kay through the internet. She's a married, mid30s, light brunette swinger with, I've discovered, a deliciously randy appetite that doesn't get nearly enough to nosh on. We got to corresponding about mutually shared interests, and gradually its developed into an erotic comradeship as we found how much we had in common. Earlier this month, we were texting each other while I was home from work and she was in her office. It was a very hot afternoon, and I was naked and relaxing.

Me: It sucks to be both exhausted and horny.

Kay: Wish I could assist in the horny part... ;)

Me: ...Thatd be nice. I want to hear your voice too. And your cum. [I take and send a picture of my bare chest.]

Kay: Nice, Rogue. [She takes and sends a picture of her buxom chest, clad in her business attire.] My, I am feeling rather horny myself today! I wonder why?

Me: They look friendly. ;)

Kay: They are friendly. For the right person! ;) Do tell: why so horny today?

Me: Cuz talking w you is hot. That and needing a long, wet, noisy suck.

Kay: You are turned on from talking with me? We haven't even really begun to get down and dirty with each other! You are quite intriguing, Rogue.

Me: Its still fun - feels naughty and I love the context how we've 'met.'

Kay: Yes, our circumstances in meeting have definitely a certain appeal. I must admit to you that being able to associate a voice with the man is tempting me.

Me: There's a remedy for this. Shall I play doctor?

Kay: Paging Doctor Rogue, paging Doctor Rogue. Seriously, I will have some alone time this evening. You game?

Me: Im game. A quikie hello?

Kay: I'm at work, so it would need to be very quick...

I call her and we chat for the first time. We talk about previous, G-rated pics of each other we had shared, and this prompts a short discussion about how so many guys on the internet seem to send their cockpics to women at the drop of a hat. Kay agrees. I mention that I normally don't do that... but would be glad to for someone I liked and who actually asked. Topics move from there, we hang up. Shortly after, Kay texts me again.

Kay: Oh, good God. Your voice gave me butterflies. Big time. Your voice made me weak.

Me: Mm. And... wet?

Kay: For the record? I've been wet most of the day.

Me: Then its my turn to want a taste.

Kay: Its yours. Come and get it. ;)

Me: Open your legs for me, baby. Lean back. Relax. :) (tease)

Kay: You have NO idea. I very much believe in teasing as part of foreplay. And sir, let me say it now and I'll say it out loud to you: Show me. Please let me see your cock. If you want to show me, that is...

Me: [I send a picture of my cock, hard and erect, that I happen to have saved on my phone. Only Shayne has seen this image before.] That's good, Kay. Because I want you to suck it.

Kay: [There's a long pause before she responds.] Holy fucking shit. I'm wet. Dude, that looks awfully edible. Your wish is my command, one of these days. And I want to do more than just suck it.

Me: You have me hard and stroking. [And she does.]

Kay: Do I? Now I am wanting you to hear YOU cum. Mmmm, how hot that would be.

Me: I might later. ;)

Kay: Maybe we could do it together. If you'd like.

Me: If?

Kay: I'm assuming then that the desire to hear one another cum is entirely mutual. But, will you still respect me in the morning? ;)

Me: Hm. Ask me after I fill your mouth with my essence. ;)

Kay: Do you think I swallow, sir? Well, actually? I do. What do you think I meant when I said that I wanted to taste you?

Me: [I reply by taking and sending another picture, this one of my hard cock being held at its base by my fist.] Swallow me. Milk me.

Kay: Good lord! Dude, are you trying to give me a heart attack? :)

Me: (laughs) You like?

Kay: You know, when you called me, I actually had to take a breath and calm myself before I answered. Otherwise, you would have heard my voice trembling.

Me: ;)

Kay: I like you. Quite a bit. I fear the day we may meet in person. The words 'spontaneous combustion' come to mind. I'm out from work in five minutes.

Me: Yum. So text me later then? I have some thick, silky cock for you to suck, Kay.

Kay: Absolutely. Damn, your voice is seductive. I'll let you do anything you want.

Me: Dangle rubber chickens from your earlobes as I baste you in marinara sauce? But I get to wear the sombrero.

Kay: Lol!

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Sweethart said...

Yet another delicious post Rogue! Can't wait for more..

Rogue said...

I love keeping you panting and eager. It's the look that you get in your eyes that does it for me...

Anonymous said...

My goodness...the doctor really IS in!

Rogue said...

*snap* goes on the latex glove

Good afternoon, Ms. Swingerwife. Nice to see you again. Now, kindly, please disrobe and bend over the examination table if you would. Thank you.

Helga Hansen said...

Oh, Doctor, I'm in trouble...

Well, goodness, gracious me!

Rogue said...

My. What seems to be the problem, Ms. Hansen? I'm certain you'll be right as rain in no time...