Monday, August 11, 2008

The Law of Attraction.

In Western metaphysics, the Law of Attraction suggests that energy devoted into one particular direction will yield a returning energy based on the desire that's projected outward. Could this explain why, since enjoying a loving phonesex session with Shayne last week, writing about it, and then seeing it reposted on Fleshbot, I've suddenly been surfing on a phonesex wave? Not since the days since I did it for money have I enjoyed so many sessions in a given week.

My beloved Shayne in Illinois. The cockhungry Kay from Delaware (twice!). Haughty and naughty Carly in Ontario. What's going on?

Kay: off work early today, lucky me!
Me: Cool. :) Didja wanna play later?
Kay: Depends on timing. Stuff to do.
Me: :) (laughs) I have tasks too, but if'n ya get randy and wanna pencil me in, lemme know. *wink*
Kay: i'm always randy! ;)

I've made a new friend.

I encountered both Kay and Carly through the internet. I had begun this post to write about Carly, and the totally unexpected and serendipidous fun we had just last night, but once more the Laws of Attraction caught me in its swirling snare. Even as I began typing about Carly (and her penchant for getting rimmed... stay tuned), my new internet friend Kay suddenly texted me to say that she's taking time out of her day to jill herself.

Damn, I like that in a woman.

"I love that you call it jilling," she said to me once.

Kay: Speaking of randy, I believe I may indulge myself right now.
Me: [Pulling my attention away from the puter to read my phone] :) Oh really? Want some help?
Kay: sure but its gotta be fast. Have to leave in 15

Kay is a sexy, hot-to-fuck mid30s milf with a voice like a naughty teen who was just caught with her fingers dibbling in her pink La Senza's for the first time. She's active in her local swinging scene with her big-cocked partner, and we found ourselves networking almost by accident. We're getting friendly. She's already seen images of my cock, demanding that I send her some, and she's voiced her primal appreciation as well as her deliciously backdoor fantasies involving it.

Damn, I really like that in a woman.

We made small talk, caught up. "So... whatcha doin'?"

"I'm laying here on my bed... my jeans and panties are bunched down around my ankles, and I have my toy, and I'm slowly moving it in and out of my pussy."

This is the second time we've had phonesex. The first, just a few days ago, was a milestone for Kay: only once before, ever, had she had phonesex, and she was shocked when she came. She hadn't expected to, she said. She loved the sound of my voice, she said. I loved the sound of her surprise as she panted into my ear, I said. We've haven't met.

"I see... taking a moment out of your day for a little jilling, are we?"

She laughed. "Uh huh. I do that a lot on days I'm home alone, actually." She shared how wet she already was, talking to me calmly as she stroked herself.

This had to be a quickie. I began to tell her how I'd enjoy being on my knees before her, being the one to remove those jeans from her as I cupped her ass in my warm hands. I detailed how I'd like to be slowly lowering her boyshorts, watching intently as the cleft of her delicious pussy would reveal itself to me. How I'd kiss her inner thigh, slide the flat of my tongue to rest, unmoving, at her folds, just before beginning a slow swirl. As I spoke, I relaxed on my futon and casually stroked myself, sharing with Kay how my cock was slowly swelling in my fist, growing warmer and thicker, my palm softly brushing the spongy head.

Kay was sighing deeply. In my mind's eye, I saw her stroking herself with her dildo, craving for touch. I kept at her, detailing the ministrations of my mouth until, I said, I would stand up and whisper "the million dollar question" into her ear. My face would be wet with her excitement, I told her, as I bit her ear and asked.

"What do you want? Tell me what you want..."

She didn't pause. "Fuck me.... fuck me!" she hissed into the phone, her voice hungry and desperate for cock. For my cock. For my cock that's she's spent the last few days looking at pictures of. Looking at and masturbating her lovely, puffy pussy over.

"Then I'm going to spin you around, Kay, hoist your back, set your head to rest on the dresser, and pull your beautiful ass closer to me. I'll hold the base of my thick cock against you, swabbing my soft tip along the length of your wet seam, lubing myself with your sweet pussy. I'm going to spread you open, my hands on your ass and my thumbs hoisting your cheeks up while I give one long, slow, deep thrust into you, my cock filling you completely."

Her breathing quickened into sharp gasps, muffled moans, and throaty swallows as I heard her fuck herself with her toy. I sensed it sliding into her deeply, her hips thrusting upward to meet it, to meet me, as she got nicely fucked. Shortly after, her moans shifted into cries as she crested, shook, and came hard into my ear.

I'm still casually dating Connie, although circumstances lately have kept us away from each other. It's nice, but it's not going to get serious. Shayne and I are talking; we may even see each other again, may even be lovers again (she suggests), but it's also clear that she's trying to 'get over' Us. This new sparkly internet-friend-with-benefits thang with Kay has become an unexpected and welcome treat.

Interesting times.

images Bell Canada, Naughty Nati, Discretesex


Lilly said...

Damn boy, you can call me anytime! Thankfully it is nearly quitting time here and I may have to take advantage of myself once I get to my car....

that was quite arousing.

Anonymous said...

hot hot hot

Rogue said...

Lilly ~
:) I may just like that. ...and did you find yourself needing to regain composure once back to your car?

Anon ~
thanks thanks thanks