Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday morning at the diner.

Two eggs easy over, potatoes, sausage, rye toast. A newspaper. Coffee. There is a God.

I'm enjoying breakfast at a local greasy spoon recently when Kay, my sexy new internet friend, texts me. The last time we texted one another, she sent me some images of herself in some yummy red panties, a nice between-the-thighs view, and begged to see my cock. "Show me," she asked.

"Holy fucking shit. I'm wet," she replied. "Dude, that looks awfully edible." I wouldn't mind giving her a taste some day.

Kay: Good morning, Rogue! I was sexually frustrated last night.

Me: Would have loved to help you out! ;)

Kay: You did.

Me: :) Tell me how. In detail. Please.

Kay: Lets just say you were on my mind when I was 'jilling' myself last night. You and your cock, that is. :)

Me: Mm. Then get over here. Kiss me deeply, Kay, then drop to your knees. Watch me slowly unbuckle. Watch me reach in and hoist out my girth. Press close. Smell me.

Kay: Nice. Very erotic. And so perceptive too. Being on my knees in front of a man, sucking his cock, it really gets me very hot.

Me: How would you suck me, Kay?

Kay: Mm, teasing the head at first, then swallowing your entire length. Licking and teasing your balls. Sucking you mindless, till you are fucking my mouth. Till u cum.

Me: Meow. But I take a good while to cum... you think you could enjoy that?

Kay: If I get bored or tired, we change it up. Maybe I'll have you fuck me from behind and let you cum on my ass and back. What do you want, sir?

Me: After a sensual, warm kiss, you to your knees slowly as I undo my jeans. Watch my cockhead spring up from poked denim. Brush its wide, spongy tip on your soft cheek. Rub your nose and mouth to my warm, clean, shaven, full balls. Taste them. Then taste my girth. Suck it. Suck it deep. Make me shine with your saliva. Slurp. Enjoy me. Nurse on me as I touch your wet face, my scent in your skin. In time, lay on your belly, look over your shoulder to me, raise and part your ass. Show me all of you. Reach under. Please your pussy as I caress you and slowly fill you with my wet, throbbing cock. Feel my balls on your eager fingers. Submit to me. Be taken. Feel me swell and feel me release, splashing my potency in the babysoft cleft of your lovely ass.

Kay: And now you have rendered me speechless. And I'm wet.

images Linhphan's Flickr, Vacuum 500, personal collection

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