Thursday, August 28, 2008

HNT dans le cuir.


Lilly said...

mmmm leather....*sniffs*

ohhh yes, bad boy. *swoons*

i LIKE this photo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sexy. Can't decide what I like more, the leather or the stubble. It all just meshes so well. Hot, Rogue.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

The stubble is so very roguish...and how appropriate. :)

I'm also liking the earring... the more you reveal, the more I like.

Anonymous said...

Oh can you be *my* Daddy?!?!?!

Coy Pink said...

You are bad ass, dans le cuir! (Yes, I translated it.) I think you're probably bad ass sans cuir. ;-)

jenna said...

i'd bend over your knee any day or night

Lil Bit said...

wow, I can smell the leather from here!
Really like this in b&w like that.

HHNT! =)

Betty Rocket said...

Channeling Rob Halford, eh? Me likey! :)


Kittie Kate said...

I love your jacket!

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit mysterious ;)

Vixen said...

Ooo....super sexy!


Rogue said...

Thank you, all of you.

Lilly, you pernicious slut,
Honeybaby, you can come close and smell my leather any time you like. Just squeeze my ass when you do so, k?

Swingerwife, you sexy fuckbunny,
I live to make you hot.

Ms.Inconspicuous, you amazing nymph,
For you, I'd reveal so much more...

Anonymous, you naughty thing,
You've been bad. Writing me anonymously? Hrm. Go to your room, lower those jeans, and assume the position. I'll be there directly. I expect to see you waiting, silent, and still.

Coy Pink, you breathtaking siren,
You're right. I am. Aimeriez-vous apprendre plus?

Jenna, you bad girl,
Get your sassy ass over here. Lose the panties. Now.

Lil Bit, you leather lover,
Take your place next to Lilly. If she lets you.

Betty Rocket, you happy cockslut,
Let's listen to him together as I watch you enjoying some BBC.

Kittie Kate,
Thank you. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the shirt.

Q, enigmatic one,
Something we have in common, perhaps. Thank you for coming by. Elegant chapeau.

Vixen, you alluring sorceress,
Thank you. I'm pleased you enjoyed. Come back often.