Friday, August 8, 2008

"Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!"

Her reputation preceded herself, but I was eager and determined to make an impression. Catching her eye, I moved to stand before her, introduced myself... and then unzipped, revealing my wares for her expert judgment and selective scrutiny.

She liked what she saw. She liked it so much that she withdrew a fifty-dollar bill from her pocket. American! ka-ching! I told her that I had never done this before, but she agreed to treat me gently.

"I read through, page after page, post after post, year after year," she told me after it was over. "(You're) a delicious little treat... How could I say no to this man? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!"

I love making Catalina scream. Especially when she's adding Urban Roguery to the coveted, carnal ranks of the Best Sex Bloggers network. Yeah. That's it baby... you like it... now, just sign on the dotted line... yeah... that's right...

And, hey. You fellow bloggers who want to thumbnose me just because I auditioned on her casting couch? Pffft. ...*snap*snap*snap* You're just jealous. I'm worth the fifty bucks, baby. So there.

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Coy Pink said...

Lucky boy! Congrats.

Ellie said...

You are a clever man, I adore you already!

Rogue said...

Coy Pink ~
Thank you, beautiful.

Ellie ~
Thank you. It's always a treat to be adored. Please allow me to return to favour... *wink*