Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Room 3.

Our intent to find a rustic cabin in the Poconos for the night wasn't to be. Settling ourselves for a motel, we found listings for a lakefront site that sounded particularly appealing. Ski season still being two weeks away, we were pleased to find that Lake Harmony was quiet yet full of anticipation, and after a pleasurable dinner at Shenanigan's, we found ourselves laughing with the somewhat drunken keeper to the Harmony Lake Shore Inn. We checked in, then off we were for drinks and dessert at Nick's Lake House before settling back to our room.

There are times when the ambience of a motel just hits the spot. Provided the place is clean, there's something pleasurable about an old, or even seedy, atmosphere that adds to the sexual tension much the same way a forbidden kiss does. Maybe its the sense of availability, or the instant gratification it seems to offer, or the undercurrent of tawdriness. Motels can be slutty, whorish, flagrantly sexual places. One can't enter a small room with its uniform sheets and wonder how many sexual escapades have taken place, how many involved money, how many involved young lovers hot for one another, how many involved inebriated adults who decided to toss the better angels of their nature aside for a night of sheer, naked fun.

Our kisses began lovingly, the softness of our caresses contrasting with our urgency. We stripped one another slowly as we warmed ourselves under the sheets. We held one another, squeezed one another, our hands upon our asses as we lay side by side in our embrace.

"How would you feel about... spanking me?" she asked, the grin clear in her voice.

And that's how a possible night of tender vanilla lovemaking radically shifted into one of the most vigourous spankings she's received from me yet. My arm coiled itself around her as she half-lay beside me, and I slowly pulled her closer until she was upon my lap as I sat on the bed. She gripped the sheet and arched her naked bottom for me. With my right arm cradling her hips, I couldn't see her head, but knew for a fact that as she stared at the headboard before her, she was silently preparing herself for a resounding spanking.

We had the entire motel to ourselves. No other guests had any other room. I had no need to worry about noise. Not that I would have anyway.

Her bottom was delightfully warm, and as the faint light cast shadows upon her seam, I marvelled at how well sculpted she looked at the angle of having her over my lap. I caressed her bottom, teasing the seam, darting a fingertip across her rosebud from time to time as I started to slap. My hand, cupped to grasp her as I landed my smacks, squeezed her lovely ass gently as each stroke was finished. I could have easily gone on like this for hours, but the knowledge that no one could possibly hear her at all encouraged me to be all the more delightfully savage.

And that's when my hand began to rain down upon her wanton flesh, upon her lovely ass, this ass to this woman who had so endearingly requested this treatment with that hint of seductive playfulness to her voice. My Grrl is such a slut when it suits her, and when it does it always suits me as well.

Soon, her delicious ass was red and tender, so much so that even the slightest touch sent her shivering. I alternated my strikes with teasings at her wet clit, and it wasn't long before her first orgasm overtook her. I marveled at how her flesh took my strokes, how her bottom cheeks moved in tight waves with each smack, and how her cloying heat burned my fingertips. In a moment of readjusting ourselves, her hands found their way to my cock and balls.

"I love how hard you get when you spank me," she said. At that, I turned her face toward me so as to kiss her, my hand gripping the short hairs at the back of her head, but she moved further to take my cock deeply into her slutty mouth. Bobbing her head, she sucked me expertly, her lips tight and wet around my girth. Soon she was stroking me with her fist as she suckled and bobbed, and I could feel myself thicken even more. I love having my cock sucked, but I was impatient to fully have my way with this wanton wench of mine.

Grasping her hair again, I savagely spun her around until her feet were upon the floor and she remained bent over the bed. A few more smacks upon her tender ass, a second grip of her hair, a guiding hand at her pelvis to tilt her just so, and soon I was parting her drenched folds with my angry cock. She felt so good, and she gasped even better as she felt me decidedly take her, use her, own her. I yanked her head backward and bit at her ear. I fucked her harder, and soon I pushed both of my fists over her shoulders and into the bed as I focused on driving my cock as deeply into her as I could. By the time my hands were holding her hips and tugging her ass against me in quick smacking successions, she was telling me that she wanted my cum inside her. I gave her what she wished as my grip returned to her head of hair and my chest pressed against her back.

We gasped together as she took me. I kept thrusting as the waves overcame me, feeling myself widen and explode with release. I love how she moans when she feels my scalding cum.

We held each other and enjoyed the night.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely. And I don't just mean the spanking :)