Sunday, November 13, 2005

Her goodnight kisses.

I had had an absolutely brutal, 16-hour day at work. She greets me as I come in, and immediately I feel the tension start to drift as her arm coils around me. Her kisses are lovely, and soon I'm relaxed enough to attempt some sleep. I tell her that should she come with me and bring her nude self with her, I wouldn't mind it at all.

She undresses before me, nonchalantly, as I pet the cat. We slither under the covers together. Embracing me, she's twisted herself so that my hand is happily upon her delightful bottom and she's facing me, kissing me more. She's caressing my ass and strong thighs, and I groan into her when her fingertips teasingly dart near my own rosebud. Her breasts are against my ribs, and it isn't long before she's caressing me along my legs and chest. Our kisses become more passionate, and soon she's making that soft noise she makes when she's hungering to have her breasts in my hands. She moves to her back.

We're moving slowly, sensually, and I'm throughly enjoying how she feels in my hand. She shakes a little as I gently pass my fingers across her nipple, cupping her, and brushing the nipple again. Her hand has moved from my chest to my balls, and she's groaning quietly as she cups me. My cock is straining against the sheets as she lays me back. She wraps her warm hand around my girth, her kiss becomes firmer as she feels me, and she begins to stroke my gently.

"I love to hold your cock," she whispers in the dark.

Cupping my balls again, she's sliding a firm finger between each nugget, enjoying how full I feel. Her hand is warm, and I'm completely enjoying how intimate this is, how sensual it is, to have my full sac encapsulated with her palm and fingers. She starts alternating between my balls and my shaft, and soon she's stroking me in earnest. Her hand is firm and smooth, and I'm enjoying the tease... what I'm wanting now is to have her lower her head and slurp me into her wanton mouth, but she's intent on doing this. As her strokes liven up, she's whispering into my ear about how good my cock feels in her hand.

When she cups my balls again, I reach downward and grasp the head of my cock myself. She's squirming against me now, telling me that she enjoys knowing and feeling me do this in tandem with her. Knowing that she's enjoying this turns me on all the more. That, with the primal urge to feel her mouth still ringing in the back of my head, with her rapid strokes as she jacks me openly now, is just about enough for me to feel the broiling in my abdomen. I'm tensing, arching my back, and she's moaning quietly into my ear as she rests her head on my shoulder. She knows that she's going to make me cum, and when I do, when the thick ropes of me burst from my widening head, she's gasping. Her fingers get drenched, and her strokes are even better with her hand completely wet with me. I burst some more, and she's running her thumb across the head to feel each one.

She slows her strokes as I lay, spent, my body throbbing. She tastes me. I hear her tongue on her fingers, her swallowing me. She tells me how she enjoys my cum and we hold one another in the dark.

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