Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goodbye, LiveJournal. Hello, Blogger.

Hello again. It's good to be back. Care for some wine?

Maybe you've come to this blog from the days when I posted as Crucifurcifer on LJ. I hope some of you, beloved tawdry friends, will join me here and enjoy what I may share.

Maybe you're new to this blog, and to you I send my warmth. Let's have some fun.

Here I'll be sharing my experiences, adventures, and thoughts about sex, women, passion, polyamory, and deviant romance. I'm a somewhat-single man currently enjoying a rewarding longdistance thing with Shayne, the Pixiegrrl, who lives in the midwest United States. She's a 26-year old, deliciously shorthaired, slightly curvy blonde with a bisexual streak so strong that she's identified herself as lesbian for most of her sexual life. I adore that. I adore her. She likes to call me Daddy, and she looks adorable in the authentic schoolgirl uniform I gave her. Like me, Shayne dates others, and we go through the various experiences of being long-distance poly as we can. You'll likely hear a lot about her in coming posts.

From time to time, I also enjoy the company of Trace, the Grasshopper, for whom I'm her "dirty little secret." She's 29, and a university grad student whose sexuality is just blossoming despite her craving for sucking cock and recent discovery of she really likes getting fucked in her ass.

Me, I'm a broadshouldered, sensual rogue in his early 40s with a penchant for sensual good times, giving women head, administering over-the-knee attitude adjustments, and generally celebrating the sexually dynamic goddess in all Her guises. I'm an ethical slut. I'm a Top. I'm a child of the satyrs.

When this blog began, it was a way to enhance an then-existing relationship, and until that relationship ended, it did its job well. Now, it's my altar to She Of The Beautiful Buttocks, Aphrodite Kallipygos, and I invite you to join me in these safe, sane, consentually lustful offerings shared in Her name.


Triksie said...

Hello, hun, glad to hear from you! Yes, we have not been writing in our LJ, but I'm glad to see you sought me out to let me know about your new blogger. Hope to read much more about you and your escapades. *hugs*

M said...


Thank you for letting me know where to find your wonderful posts... I do love to read your writings...

;) I love articulate men! So freaking HOT! *puddles and purrrrrrrrs*


Rogue said...

Thank you, Triksie darling. It's a treat to hear from you again too. You're definitely worth seeking out! ;)

Sweet Loves2sweetly, I love sexy moms on their knees with hands tied behind their backs. My, my, what would I swing before your face and tease you with?

I look forward to sharing with both of you, you shameless hussies. :) Thanks for reading.