Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Shayne is so hot. We've spent the last few hours talking, including enjoying a hot session of phonesex. That started with a discussion about sex blogs, and how she may be meeting the writer of Hobo Stripper in the near future. She read entries from this series in The Overeducated Nympho blog to me, and that made us both so primed.

Our session included everything from how she enjoys sucking my cock to how she misses my tongue probing her core to, eventually, varied fantasies on her also being taken by another man or woman as well. She wants to be fucked by me and another man some day, even though she's craving pussy at her mouth now too. When she came, she was thrusting her larger dildo into her very sexy cunt (again, she loves that word) as I coaxed her on. Fun!

Earlier today, we were texting about the kinds of women we liked, and I mentioned to her that we'd be dangerous if we were hosting a playparty together. "Rawrs!!" she replied.

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