Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seriously nice.

We retired to her private, basement chambers where the incense smouldered, the cat stared out the window, and the pipe full of greenery rested on the bedside table. Our bodies happily tingled as we tasted the mysterious earth, the heady waves and delightful arousals in our senses awakening our selves.

It's so sensual to be legs akimbo with an enjoyable partner, to share cannabis' whispers along with a passionate kiss. Dean stripped off her black tanktop and pressed her charming little breasts close to my chest as she straddled herself on my lap. My back rested against the wall as we sat on the bed, and my warm hands caressed her bare back as her lips hungrily tasted mine. Her nipples were firm. Her skin was cool. She reached down to feel my growing girth against my so-very-thin khaki pants.

She tugged me down the length of her new bed, pawing at the button under my waist. Undoing it, she freed me with her thin, eager hands and stroked me to fullness as she squat above me, legs bent at my calves, her head hovering over my thickening dick.

Her mouth was soft and warm, her sucklings eager and relaxed. I can only imagine how it felt for her, to enjoy both being high and having my cock in her mouth, but her deep and gutteral moans gave me some vague idea. I held her head gently as it bobbed in my lap, as I felt her tongue flicker across my glans, probing into the ridge of my frenulum and swabbing across my darkening cockhead. My dick was swelling nicely, and I closed my eyes as I lingered into my own personal haze.

She eventually changed positions, and soon her hips were beside my shoulder as she reversed herself. I smiled as I softly patted her covered ass with the palm of my hand while she continued to suck me, but I wasn't content with poor accessibility for long. I tugged her aside so I could undo those black pants of hers, reaching under her tummy to unzip them and draw them down her lithe legs.

I sat upright, my cock sliding wetly against her shoulder as I did so. Reaching a forearm around her waist, I tugged her across my lap until her head was well past my knees and supported by the wayward pillows near the foot of the bed. She drew her knees closer to her chest.

Dean's delightfully small, slightly boyish little ass curved before me in the dimly lit room. Her seam was dark in the shadows, hiding the little rosebud that I tenderly teased with a moistened fingertip as she relaxed her weight in this newfound position. And then she received my first swat, firm and squarely across both cheeks with a loud and authoritative crack.

The first swat was met with a second, a third, and a raining series of smacks that quickly sent her squirming across my legs. I parted her thighs open, and with a palm, pressed against the bottom-most curvature of her behind, tilted her hips until her lower abs were against the bed and her knees raised her butt high and tight for me.

I could have spun around, kneeled behind her, and fucked her that way. I could have languished in the feel of her tight pussy, or her tighter ass, gripping my strong hands to those deeply arched hips of hers, pulling her hard and fast against my thrusting pelvis. But I didn't.

I grinned as I parted her wet thighs, spreading her knees even further apart, and began spanking her pretty, nicely trimmed, little cunt. Her labia met my slapping fingers with moist smacks, and I felt her arousal against my digits as I kept up the pressure. Interspersed with loud and full-palmed spanks to her reddening ass, I concentrated my abuse to spanking her quivering pussy as she cried out in astonishment from across my lap. I was relentless. She pleaded. The little hussy who could so easily handle the angriest of trimmings now found herself discovering what it was like to have her soaking and opening and shuddering innermost core become the target of my broad fingers and palm. I made certain to hone in on her clit whenever she foolishly placed herself, for all her writhing, into position for it, and many times I felt a fingertip strike her button like the business end of a riding crop.

And that's when her shudderings and pleadings carried her into a new vista of experience for her. Dean screamed out, and I felt the first droplets quickly followed with pulses upon pulses, as she began ejaculating directly onto my blurry, spanking hand. Her streams splashed across my arm, her ass, her thighs, my chest, the wall, the sheets as my downward strokes collided with her upward bursts, as if I were smacking the opening of a small hose. Each slap on her squirming cunt was loud and sounded as wet as it felt. Her labia was swollen and puffy, perfectly soft as thick petals covered in rain.

I slowed down as her streams began to subside. Dean was left shaking, gasping across my lap, disbelieving that a spanking had made her cum.


mina said...

mmmm I've cum from a cunt spanking before. It feels great!

Rogue said...

Dean definitely enjoyed it. She squirmed deliciously across my lap...

Drop by some time. Wanna watch? ;)