Monday, December 15, 2008

Overheard on a streetcar.

Rumours and Brazilians.

An attractive, longhaired brunette Latina is talking on her cellphone while riding the Harbourfront streetcar.

Latina: "So that's how it is... can you believe it?... Right, I'm apparently sleeping with Jessica and Marie... I don't know where it was heard either, but it's a riot... Right apparently so, but Jessica, you know, mmm... no, no you weren't mentioned, you're safe... (laughs) I went back for a trim, but her place wasn't open, and I would only let her go there, you know?... You did? When?... It feels awesome, huh?"

Andre's friend gets a new job.

A group of tall, cleanshaven, 20something dudes are on the crowded Bathurst streetcar. Andre is taunting his friend about some good news. Andre's friend seems pleased but kind of shy about it all.

Andre's friend: "So, it has me moving out of my parents' place. As soon as I got the word, I started looking for neighbourhoods."

Andre: "That's great. Definitely good. What area are you moving to?"

Andre's friend: "Downtown here, close to campus. It's an awesome place, and I would never been able to afford it without this. I'm already planning what my home office will be like."

Andre: "Hey guys, can you imagine this home office? Porn stud."

Andre's friend: "No, no, it won't be like that. But I tell you, Andre, they didn't even ask me for my qualifications, nothing. I gave them my resume, some references..."

Andre: "Your education would have taken you far. So what site is it for?"

Andre's friend: "I think it's called Twisty's dot com."

Andre: "Twisty's?? Are you serious? Dude, that's serious!"

Andre's friend: "You've heard of them? I hadn't."

Andre: "Dude, no way, that's something else, pornoboy."

Andre's friend: "Alright, fine, but let's not let the females in on it, k? I work for a film company, that's all."

Andre: "I got your back."

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