Friday, January 9, 2009

The air vent.

I've just stripped off my gym pants and am walking, naked, to the shower. My soft cock sways against my thighs as I pass the air vent. A sound stops me in my tracks.

One of the women upstairs. Not the one whose bedroom is above my own, as these sounds seem to be coming from another end of my pad, but still clear through the vent.

It was a loud gasp. A moment of silence. Then a short, high-pitched cry. Another. And a third, even higher in pitch. There's no bed creaking, no foot stomping, no other voices or sounds.

She's masturbating. A vibrator? No, a thick and heavy dildo, I tell myself. She's fucking herself with a hard cock. I'm picturing her on her back, legs wide, her head pressed hard against a pillow, her mouth open in silent ecstacy.

Then a quick, high cry out followed by a a wail, a beautiful howling wail, a long and satisfying "Ohhhh..." in a descending note as she crashes in her cum. It slowly tapers into silence. I stand near the vent, listening to the sudden and complete quiet.

I picture her enraptured in satisfaction. My cock continues to swing against me as I step, smiling, into my shower.

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