Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coitus interruptus.

Kara was absolutely sensual, fun to play with, and immensely courageous as she experienced her very fist semipublic bdsm playparty recently, and I'll be sharing details about it all in short order. I regret that I haven't posted much lately; it's been a little busy around here between workand life and moving to a new pad.

But it's also true that my trusty ol' iMac, itself an echo from my days with The Grrl, finally pooched on me. I expect to replace it with a nifty laptop this month, but until then, postings from me may be a little sporadic for a bit.

And it's driving me crazy too. There's so much worth writing about these days: the ridiculous post-Puritanical judgement that David Letterman is being subjected to for simply being an open, upfront, sex-positive male; the so-called "uproar" that Lizzie Miller has supposedly caused by baring her non-anorexic body (not to mention the utter balls that the Globe and Mail newspaper has to call her "plus-sized" when she isn't); Shane being, well, you know, Shayne; and, for when we're both in the mood for something more directly stimulating (and better), the way Kara's saucy li'l mouth awakens me in the early morning when she leans close to expertly suck my cock at 5am.

Mmm. And she's really quite good at it, you know.

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