Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love you, baby.

She fantasizes about being taken and ravished. She has the most edible nape. She has a delectable little mouth.

She enjoys being a fucktoy, her hair pulled as she's feeling my girth spread her open.

She loves being spanked, and she makes the most satisfying little gasps when she's submitting to one. No smart-assed lip from this one, baby.

She climaxes quickly, and easily, when I'm holding her against me and curling my fingers down and between her thighs, gently but rapidly circling my moist fingers around her gorgeous little button.

And she's the most together, intelligent, genuine, straightforward partner I've known in years. She's achieved her goals. She's socially conscious, spiritual, and has the courage to See and then really, actually Work Through whatever has deterred her in her past.

And she has the cutest little bubble butt.

As you read this, Kara and I are enjoying a casual dinner where we went on our first date, and she'll be opening a little gift to celebrate our first six months together. For me, this transition from summer to winter has been full of adventure, courage, adaptation, and opening. Kara's been an ideal companion throughout it all, and I'm privileged to be the man she leans her naked form close to at night for warmth and laughter.



Luna Mauvaise said...

What a lovely anniversary tribute! Kudos to you and your Kara. :)

Rogue said...

Thank you, and thanks for reading, enjoying, and commenting.