Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breasts don't bite.

In Ontario, it's been legal for women to be topless and outdoors since 1996, when University of Guelph student Gwen Jacobs won the right through the Ontario Court of Appeal. Nevertheless, the matter remains controversial; some communities, such as Oshawa, have even attempted to pass municipal legislations to retain the illegality of the bared tit. In my experience, with the exception of the Dyke March during Toronto Pride events, women almost never exercise this right at all. I suspect that there's good reason.

It's because most men are morons who don't know how to behave themselves.

But leave it to the Guelph coed student body to make sure that this right doesn't drift away. Recently, students organized a Top Freedom Day event which attracted women of all age groups.

Reflecting on the social pressure to not be topless in public, organizer Andrea Crinklaw mused, "If it could be like in Europe where women are able to be top-free on the beaches or roller blade down the street without a shirt and people aren’t appalled by it, that would be amazing.”

My former partner Diva loved being topless, and often responded angrily when, as we would return to civilization after a two-week vacation at some clothing-optional event, she would remind herself (or be reminded by others) to put clothes back on. She called her toplessness "taking her tits out for a walk."

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