Thursday, December 23, 2010

She came for another ride: easy ridin'.

The following morning, I slowly awoke to find that we were spooning, her back to my chest, under the thick covers. I nuzzled my face between her warm shoulderblades and, in a slow, sleepy caress, brought my hand from her taut stomach to her hips, thighs, and to cupping her firm heart-shaped behind. I smiled groggily to myself as I held her asscheek in my grip, and my cock stirred. Slowly, she began to wake and murmured with a slight smile. As I held her, my caresses shifted to gentle probing, and she parted her legs slightly and brought her right knee down to the bed and toward her chest to give me more access to her folds, her anus, her sleepy clit. For a few moments, I enjoyed gently touching and stroking her tenderness in the dark warmth that enveloped us. As I hardened, I enjoyed sliding the length of me along the small of her back and in the soft seam underneath.

I tugged some of the covers free to expose her beautiful ass to the morning light. Uncovering myself, I knelt above and behind her. She gasped quietly when I parted her thighs and dove my head between them to slide the length of my tongue down and between her smooth labia. Her body stiffened when I flicked it beside her clit and slowly gave her a wide, wet lick upward until I was teasing the outermost ring of her dark, crinkled rosebud while both hands grasped her asscheeks firmly and spread her open like a book.

But I was teasing. After gently holding her clit between my fingers and giving it a few slow swirls, I brought my hand back again to cup and caress her delightful bare butt some more as she whimpered quietly into the feather pillow. A firm pat or two later, I was smirking to myself as I strolled out of bed. I knew the Tomboy would want to slumber lazily some more, and I was wide alert and ready for a pot of tea. She grunted in playful annoyance but was soon asleep again.

Her black leather chaps were still carefully draped over the edge of the parlour futon as I relaxed with the newspaper. I sipped a mug of Russian Caravan and listened as she breathed deeply in the bedroom. My pad smelled like warm flesh and the previous night's filet mignon decadence.

Soon, she stumbled quietly into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes awake like some small child whose desire for breakfast won over the desire for more sleep. Like me, she was naked, and the cats swirled around her ankles. I poured her some tea. She reached for her jeans, which were also on the couch, and began to put them on. Damn, she looked good in those jeans.

As we chitchatted, I remembered that she'd be riding home later, but a naughtier part of my thinking knew that I'd want to have some more fun with her before she left. After all, it had been almost four years since we'd last fucked, and while I definitely got the sense from Tomboy that she'd want to see me again reasonably soon, God knew how long it would be until then.

And that's when, an hour or so later and after I'd dressed, we both were fully caffeinated and alert and making plans for the morning (while, incidentally, she remained topless), I smiled and impulsively pulled her close to me. Her warm tits felt fantastic against me as her kiss took me whole, grunting quietly under her breath as she feasted on me. Playfully, I gripped her long, dark hair and spun her toward the futon with her chaps draped over them and bent her over its edge.

I reached around her and began undoing her jeans. She got the idea and assumed the position, resting her hands on the wooden frame. I squatted behind her and tugged the denim low, totally enjoying the sight of her gradually exposed flesh as I did so. She was my toy, my plaything, and I intended to fuck her senseless before she had her morning OJ.

The denim held her ankles in a fallen swath as she parted her legs and bent completely over. Still squatting, I held her ass open and teased her holes again, soaking her, drenching her with my probing tongue before standing once more and aiming my wide, silky cockhead to her eager pussy. Tilting my hips just right, I slowly slid inside her tightness and my chest heaved as I indulged in her heat. She felt fucking fantastic, and I grunted aloud as I started thrusting smoothly and deeply inside her core. Under me, she panted and squealed, pushing herself back against me as she totally got into getting fucked this way in the morning light.

I love it when my partner's ass smacks gently against me as I fuck from behind. I love it when they thrust back to me. I love it when I watch them, from above and behind, yield and give in to being taken for my thick, hard cock inside them. And, in this case, fucking my ex-lover Tomboy again felt delicious and saucv and just plain fun.

Her ass slammed harder against me as I took her deeper and faster. I coiled her long hair into my fist, and she moaned aloud when I tugged her head high and back, her mouth open as she got taken.

Soon, I withdrew from her, and in a no-nonsense, shut-up-and-come-along move, I wrapped her hair around my fist and practically pulled her back into the bedroom, her head tilted to one side as she snapped to it. Using her hair like a leash, I pulled right right to the esge of the bed and yanked her to the mattress, hard and fast, and then gripped her hips to keep her ass raised high in the air and her head down against the crumpled covers.

Standing above her, I held her ass open again and thrusted my cock back into her drenched pussy. She cried aloud and I used her hips to pull her backwards and forwards while I fucked her. Her cunt was mine. Her ass was mine. She screamed aloud as she felt me batter her walls until I felt my balls tense, my cock thicken, her wetness coax me, her tightness milk me, and then burst after burst of me exploding in steady streams.

Soon, I slowed down, and she was a puddle on the bed. My cock glistened when I withdrew from her, and with a deep and appreciative laugh, went to shower. She giggled, rolled herself back into the covers, and snoozed contentedly.

We went to breakfast. True to form for her newfound passion for riding, we went to a terrific local bistro with a cool biker vibe before she took the saddle again and rode her way home.

It was good to see her again. It was definitely good to fuck her brains out again. I felt reconnected, not only to our friendship, but to elements of my own sexual senses after the disconnects of the past several months in my continuing post-Kara, essentially-monogamous year.

Tomboy has since invited me to a holiday dinner at her pad, when her Idiot Boyfriend will be away doing his own thing. I wouldn't be the only one of her extracurricular lovers whom would attend, and I'm undecided as yet if I'll go. But it's an interesting thought.

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