Friday, August 5, 2011

Cramped spaces.

the police are searching the police are searching but my outfit lets me pass through them all and it's ok i'm going to be fine i'm not the guy in the tactical uniform that they're looking for anyway it's going to be ok even though yeah i actually do have some real police equipment on me and that guy over there is really looking at me strangely

are you an officer too i can't tell but i hear the knocking at my door the door to my old pad in brooklyn the space is as cramped as it ever was oh the memory the knocking at my door and you're standing there you're standing there with your long flowing dark hair and the uniform that you're wearing

you come close to me and i want to offer you something as i stand before you in the foyer i could offer you some tea i say and then with a slow doward turn of my head i look at you in the eye and add or i could offer you some really good head

to my surprise it's you who comes closer to me and we're falling together toward the floor legs entwined in that small space it's almost like some shared yoga position that we're knotting our limbs into and somehow as i get harder and harder i discover that my thickening cock is bursting free from the black shorts that i'm wearing and it's poking through that hole in the fabric i'm actually quite surprised to discover it there that way and i'm actually kinda embarassed but you don't seem to be minding at all no not at all and i know that because you're arching your back toward me your head lowering somehow impossibly in that cramped position as we entwine our legs in that cramped space at the foyer of my old place back where i grew up

and your head is bobbing on me now i can feel the fucking wet heat of your mouth engulfing my cock jesus christ it feels so fucking good so fucking good it's been so long since it felt this fucking good and i can feel your widened lips massaging my desperate flesh my turgid muscles please baby you have no idea how deep i feel the need for this please suck my cock just like that and then you're taking me deeper and i'm feeling the width of your wet strong tongue slickly gliding up and down the length of my urethra as you extend your tongue from out out your mouth and i can feel my upper head grazing tightly wetly against the roof of your mouth too and jesus christ your wet mouth is so fucking tight and i like it just like that suck it for fuck's sake suck my cock hard and wet and firm and slick and noisy slurp on it for me baby i love holding your head gently so i can feel it moving bobbing on me your long straight dark hair in gently whispering on my thighs i can feel the pressure in the back of my head and my abs are tightening as i thrust into your mouth and
then i wake up

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