Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pardon me as I go wash the sheets.

There's a wide variety of tea in the kitchen, and I just brought in some croissants from this excellent patisserie on Queen Street. Please, by all means, help yourself. And don't let the cats bother you... neither of them bite. Relax, make yourself at home.

But I'm going to take a little hiatus now, and this may be just as well since posts have been irregular at best. Other writing projects are demanding my attention and I may be rethinking the entire approach to this naughty blog as well.

I enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to email me to share your thoughts, let me know how you're doing, what you've been enjoying in your visits here. But it's time for this blog to take a breather until at least into the new year.



Anonymous said...

There's been a theme to my new blog finds, that when I find a great read it retires.

Hope you come back soon.

Sorrel said...

I hope the time is treating you well. x