Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Karma is karma.

Plans to have attended a polyamory conference in the States this week fell through. It also appears that the Grrl and I will be apart for a while, perhaps a significant while, and so Valentine's has probably fallen through as well.

I'm looking forward to positive possibilities, but sometimes relationships can be like outgoing and incoming tides. All relationships require effort, and we're apparently in a space to be doing that right now.

As this journal is almost exclusively devoted to sex, it'll likely be quiet here for a while. Maybe not silent, but definitely quiet. Even if any kind of sexuality were to occur by either or both of us during this interim (he typed, reminding himself to be realistic, somewhat hoping he needn't have to be...), this is intended to be a sex-positive space, and I suspect that a lot of discourse here on my part would just end up being sex-negative while we're embracing this outgoing tide. Even if this journal has been my own private space, it was created partially as a way to enhance the relationship I have with the Grrl, and I suspect that to continue here during this challenging moment would just be, well, without class.

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