Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An old email from she who was my Grrl.

Anywho, last night i found myself stuck in someone else's house, brimming with sexual tension and creative energy. But also very tired. So i gave up, surrendered to the situation, and decided to distract myself. I poured myself some Bailey's on-the-rocks (yum!), heated up some frozen Indian food, and let a book and the cats keep me company. I flipped on the TV at 8p to discover a key Buffy episode that i had missed. Why not? i sat down and enjoyed that for awhile. Then i went down to the basement where i've set up some me space in this foreign house.

I've gotten pretty good at turning any place into Home. It's a trick i learned from my days in the SCA (i've a vague recollection that ur familiar with that), and refined during my adventures in homelessness. For awhile, i took my gypsy persona quite to heart, finding a great deal in that culture to enrich my life. Back to the house. Well, i customized a portion of their just-functional, carpeted basement gypsy-style. First by hanging tapestries and draping colorful scarves over a few things. And then covering part of the floor with blankets, furs, towels and pillows. And of course a small stereo and tunes. Home away from home. :)

It took me a little while to find the bag with my special toyz, ;) but i made sure they were clean and ready. Just in case. I knew i wanted to meditate and write in my journal, but also wanted to be prepared for whatever might cum up. I use "meditation" to describe a frame of mind i seek to reach thru many different means, from sitting zazen, taking a shower, working w energy (QG, reiki, tantra, my own style), playing video games (tho i'm not particularly good at them), and self-pleasure... It was an energy night.

I started relaxing and letting go, breathing to raise kundalini. I'm not sure how long i sat there, before i felt a soft, gentle cat tail brush across my bare arm. It was the calico mommy cat, the epitome of feline finesse. I let the smile in my heart reach out to her, and she responded with more feline affection. I felt her head gently brush against my knee that was peeking out from the sarong. It reminded me of a lover's touch, and brought to mind your description of finding me in the cabin just out of the shower. I could feel the kundalini building, and my imagination wanted free reign. since i wasn't sure how much more time i had to myself, i left my toyz in their bag and took myself up to the shower.

And i thot of you watching me in the shower, and took my time. Caressing my body as if i was my own lover, gently, slowly, gracefully. I took my time with my arms, over my shoulders and down to my breasts, spending a little extra time there, enjoying the smooth feel of the lavender lather on my skin, and the electricity of touch on my breast and nipples. I lingered over my breasts, letting you see different profiles, playing with my nipples to make sure they'd be seen in silhouette. I ran my hands down my hips, caressing and soaping the cheeks and clef. Then slid my hands down my legs to my feet. First i lathered up one foot, sensuously making my way back up my legs. Then i gave the other leg the same attention. The thot of you watching was very exciting! Finally, i'd made my way to the part of me that had been burning for touch since i was in the basement. I lathered up between my legs, looking for the position that would give you the best view. Finding it, i stopped thinking and gave myself over to the pleasure of it all. The hot water was cascading gently over my body, the misty air was scented with a light touch of lavender, fingers were caressing the most sensitive parts of my body. It didn't take much at all by this time, but i held off as long as i could. my back was arched against the wall, one leg was up on the edge of the tub, and my fingers were fondling my clit, taking me over the edge in pleasure, releasing the kundalini...

I relaxed just as i was for a few moments, enjoying the many sensations in my body. In my minds eye, i saw you naked outside the shower, touching yourself in ways i'd like to be you, ideally shortly after the shower. I finished the last details of my shower, including a touch-up shave in places where i'd like to feel your lips. When i pulled open the shower curtain, the relative coolness tingled against my skin, and could feel my body responding. Thinking of u watching, i gave a quick pinch to my nipples to show them off to you.

The rest of the night was not nearly so much fun, so i'll spare u the details. hehehe :) I was able to get to bed very shortly after my shower and fell asleep alone.

Pleasant dreams!

I remain so in love with her.

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