Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Serendipidous spankings.

Like so many other weekends since February, much of last weekend was spent with me trying to distract myself at how deeply I miss The Grrl. The Fates were kind however as I strolled along Queen West in Toronto and encountered some friends entering Funhaus.

I didn't realize that it was a playparty night, with Fetish Masquerade's Pajama event taking place. It turned out to be the most sensual evening I've enjoyed in months.

I ensconced myself in the ambience, enjoying the various scenes happening around me. I remembered our last scene together, where I bound her to a chair in our livingroom, toyed with her mercilessly, the evening ending with her mouth noisily slurping on my cock.

The Pajama Party was, for me, a buffet of voyeuristic abandon as I enjoyed watching the Slutty Nerd (or should it be Nerdy Slut?), my friend's girlfriend, enjoy another Top partner. I smiled as she flashed her breasts and later stripped to virtually nothing as she was bound to the cross. I miss crosses... Much later that night, I smirked to myself as I chatted with her boyfriend, my friend, as she mounted her Top partner on a couch and enjoyed a slow fuck. Her deliciously heart-shaped bottom was resplendent in the fishnet body stocking she wore, making a sensual contrast to her librarian looks.

Earlier, while passing the bars, I smirked just as widely as I beheld a couple on the loveseat, she laying on her back, legs splayed upon his lap, his arm movement telling of the vigourous hand fucking her was giving her. He stopped when he saw others approach nearby, but her passion was clear as she sat herself up and spilled herself upon his shoulder, breathing deeply. Nice.

And who would have guessed that the Fates had a playpartner for me as well? A casual remark to the Quebecois, a curvy blonde in lovely business attire, elicited a welcome response, and soon she was splayed over a metal chair that I absconded from the pool table area. It hasn't been since my days in the New York clubs since I was able to casually find a scene partner in a club, and I relished the opportunity to spank my first bottom in months. Her black teddy and thong accentuated her form, and as I sat behind her bare ass, I easily found myself shifting back into my Top space. Her bottom was round and pert, eager to be consentually abused. Yummy. I had the Quebecois laughing, hissing, squirming, alternating my spanks with caresses, my pinches with massage, and it was a pleasure. At the end of the evening, her kiss goodbye was a welcome present.

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