Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Losing my head.


I'm coming up for air long enough to say that life's just been getting in the way of being in better touch. Between my excellent iMac buying it some time ago, plus a pretty intense work schedule, it's been a challenge lately to sit down with you and share the wealth.

For the moment, suffice to say that things remain awesome. Kara and me recently enjoyed a trip to St. Jacob's, Ontario, where we discovered the incredible, sensual treats of Olivier Soaps and thoroughly enjoyed some doggystyle luvins in a perfectly charming skeevy motel. That is, after we had a hot bath together and were virtually kowtowing to the microwave as it warmed up our chocolate brownies.

We continue to attend playparties, and very soon now, I'll be sharing the story of her birthday spankings at a recent event. Things between us remain really good, and we've begun planning a cruise sometime in the future. Yeah, baby.

You'll hear more from me very soon. Until then, send good vibes as I continue to try to keep my head between my shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Good to know you're still out there :) And I cannot wait to hear about the birthday spanking :)

冠強 said...

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