Friday, March 26, 2010

No, really.

No, really, I'm still alive. No, really, I intend to write more soon. No, really, I've just been that crazed.

A new puter remains on my agenda, but until then I squeeze what online time I can between stops at Kara's place or at one of the assorted net cafes in this city. So much to add, so much to share, but right now I'm about to strip nekkid and join my sexy schoolteacher slutmuffin in bed. Yes, at this moment, I'd rather do that than write. You understand. So there.

Meanwhile, here's some sensual work by Seattle artist Aaron Coberly.


Rogue said...

I enjoy the irony.

Anonymous said...

Always better to do than write :) Except for your readers :p

By the way... I love love love the term slutmuffin :) I can't wait to be someone's slutmuffin myself ;).

Dolores YK Haze said...

Hey Maestro,
When you get a moment, Humbert and I would really appreciate it if you could give us more information on how to join the BDSM community.
Thanks for being our Vergil on our slow, agonizing descent into...something infinitely fun.
Lolita YK

Rogue said...

Abandon all innocence, ye who enter here.

I'll stroke this topic soon.

Dolores YK Haze said...

Thanks, oh Sage of Salaciousness.
With baited breath,
Loli and Humbert