Sunday, January 2, 2011

Auld lang syne.

Bringing in 2011 was a relaxed, stag affair for me. I even turned down an invitation to a fetish event, and instead simply kicked back with some casual friends one of my favourite pubs.

But that doesn't mean that my mind and heart weren't entirely elsewhere as I tossed back a few pints before the bubbly came out of hiding.

Of course, Kara was on my mind. We brought 2010 in together passionately, with relaxed, languished, shared oral as we dressed for an evening out at a pansexual club where we would enjoy on-stage sexplay and shibari bondage as part of the festivities. Her beautiful ass would find itself soundly spanked in public, and she looked charming in my Top man's leather cap as I drove us back to my place later. We woke in the morning to even more fun as I took her from behind in the way we both enjoyed so much.

Her new year was brought in among family, children, and friends as part of a week-long holiday away. Nice.

Taking Shayne to a New Year's burlesque show remains among my favourite memories. I still recall how delicious she looked as she put on the red dress, and how sweet her skin tasted with the Japanese body lotion, that she received for Christmas. It was 2007, the last time I would fuck her spankable ass, and our evening together was a drunken, hysterical, ribald ball.

I have no idea how she brought in 2011. Most likely, she shared it with her man in the Pacific Northwest, and held her bursting belly warmly as she contemplated becoming a mother in this new year.

And, certainly, as I held a glass to my lips in my charming British-style pub, thoughts of the Grrl crossed my mind and heart. It was 2003, and the dimly-lit, golden-hued wooden cottage house was aglow with joy and sensuality as we cuddled and danced with champagne flutes in our hands. The entire house smelled of a roaring fireplace, and I was passionately in the depth of love.

I suspect that she will have brought this new year in with whomever she's seeing now, if she's seeing anyone now, and with joy of having recently become a grand-aunt.

I love and miss you guys. You remain within me.

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