Sunday, September 25, 2011

The circumstantial cuckold.

The scene: Two male co-workers in the office's break room.

Guy 1: "No fucking way."

Guy 2: "Yeah, seriously. It's all over, he's told the kids, the kids are freaking out, and he's on the fucking couch while..."

Guy 1: "While she's..."

Guy 2: "...while she's already fucking another dude in their bedroom. He's on the goddamn couch! Can you believe that shit?"

Guy 1: "No fucking way."


Tom said...

Sadly, I've also heard of living situations like this. I guess with the economy the way it is, some people can only afford to stay under the same roof... even if one of them is already hooking up with the next person.

Rogue said...

I'd like to believe, however, that even in a breakup, partners can still do whatever it takes to minimize discord and unnecessary pain. I'd like to believe that enough mutual respect can be maintained, even in a tough breakup, for that.

I also think that's especially important if children are involved (and witnessing).