Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh, those wacky Christians.

Hester Prynne would weep.

When does attempting to do some reasonable, charitable good for a community slip into an administering of myopic, uncharitable judgement?

A Los Angeles-based Christian ministry has begun selling some interesting T-shirts through the intarwebs. Wearers can share with the world that they overcame their perditious sins of masturbation, homosexuality, enjoying porn, or generally most other great and terrible moral crimes. Who knew that sexual repression could be so easily twisted into a seemingly positive and healthy motivational marketing tool?

Of course, the ministry does this because the bible tells them that masturbation, or being gay, or being bisexual is wrong. And certainly, they're obligated to do each and every thing that the most sacred book in Christendom tells them to do, right? Absolutely.

I mean, it's not like the bible also advises that people should sell their daughters into sexual slavery, or that rape victims must wed their attackers into lifelong matrimony, or that brides must be virginal on their wedding day or be put to death. I mean, that'd be just awful.

Oh wait. It does. Oops.

It's not so much that I'm "anti-religion" as I'm "anti-repression." Personally, I think we should set up a softball game between this ministry and these guys. I'd be in the stands hawking beer and hot dogs for sure, enjoying the irony of my "Ex-Porn Addict" Tshirt and taking bets on the game.

If that wasn't a sin, I mean.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Wow. Just. Wow.

I would have to ask the ex-masturbator how long they've been "reformed".

Because I'm an ex-masturbator every night...after about 5-10 minutes. ;)

Erinyes said...

This is just too funny! I had to check out who "these guys" were.

Can't stop laughing at their sidebar comment to their members "Do not disrobe in the parking lot; use the foyer."

I'll join you in the stands to watch the game!

Alice Kytler said...

Yes, Ms Inconspicuous has a good point, how long exactly has the masturbator been dry?

Oh how I amuse myself...

But no-where near as much as the face of that grinning nude pastor out side the church amuses me. I've passed that site around I can assure you.

Lowri said...

The ironic potential of those shirts is immense. Could get a set and wear a different one each day. And yes the answer to questions could be "not since last night"!

Angel Says No said...

Religion makes me angry. GGggrrrrrr!!!

Aneris said...