Sunday, April 5, 2009


the pavement solid and firm under my nikes while the sun is in my eyes and the wind is in my hair my roughly cut sweatshirt marbled with salt lines from the heat and my exertion my heart is pounding like a thundering drum

i see you on the next block holy crap is it really you and you're jogging too what are you doing here the last i heard you were racing motorcycles in italy or your business had gone under because of the economy and you and your suv were going on a road trip to ferret out a new location in the world where you would start over i'm gonna jog behind you now and say hi

i remember our road trips and the hot times we had in that van do you remember when you were giving head to jacqueline on the plush rear seat as i raced the van to new hampshire for that playparty where you got spanked in front of that audience

but here you are and you're running and your hair is longer and blonder than ever and you have some new tattoos on your arm and it looks really hot you always were really gorgeous baby

there's a guy beside you he's running too is he your new guy his thighs are strong i remember how you used to love to nuzzle your face into my thighs and breathe deeply the salty scent between them and my heavy balls you groaned with such feral pleasure while you sucked air my scent my salt in through your nose just before you would swab your wet tongue up the length of my shaft jesus christ it was so good you're so great at sucking cock honey

i've sped behind you now and i'm watching you run while i run behind you and i'm checking out your ass in those tight shorts of yours holy christ you look so good i've missed our better days and you're still so fucking hot

he's laughing beside you as you two run where did you meet him was he a marine also or maybe you met him from your landscape work god you were so sexy when you were bent over the plants in those dark round sunglasses you used to wear

i heard you were with liam after we broke up that tall and lanky guy always had the hots for you he was a good man i bet he really liked feeling your sexy mouth too what ever the hell happened to him anyway

the sun is hot and beating down on us and this run is fucking killing me but i really wanna see you run and see what's happening with that muscular dude beside you you really built up your muscles too over the years you look awesome and i'm proud of you my heart is thundering my lungs are vacuums for air i feel sweat down my legs

i bet he liked your mouth but who is this guy are you gonna suck him also nice i'd love to watch you suck him because i've felt your mouth and jesus my heart my pounding now between this hot jog and watching your muscular ass and seeing you sucking on his thick wet twitching salty dick i bet it fills your whole mouth up

it's gonna be really wet and musky after this run baby and i know how you like cock to be thick and wet and musky you always sought out my precum and milked me in your wet fist to ease droplets of seaspray from out of my widening cockhead when you would suck me i remember god

you're jogging to his place aren't you and then you're gonna drop to your knees after he strips off his sweaty shirt and you're gonna groan like you used to when you wrap your hot hand around his girth and then you're gonna tap his big head against your cheekbones and your chin and wipe it smoothly and wetly across your face while smelling the salt and sweat under his balls i know how you like it

suck his cock baby i know you want to and i know you love how it tastes in your mouth lick that dick and suck it deep pump his throbbing shaft between those beautiful lips of yours do you remember how i would hold your head and fuck your mouth while you moaned and went limp with your head on the bed and then i'd fill your mouth with my come you loved to swallow

he'll give you his seed too his thick hot creamy seed and i know you'll love it sometimes i wonder how many cocks you've sucked since we broke up and especially during your trip to europe and the italian men around the bike track i enjoying wondering as much as i enjoy the envious look on your face when you've seen some of the successes in my life too but that doesn't mean i'm bitter about anything anymore because you really are an amazing person and quite the catch and that last guy who dumped you was a fucking idiot because you're right you were the best thing to ever have happened to him

suck his cock suck it wet it taste it lick it have it smell it i know you like it you good fucking cockslut slurp on his thick dick taste his scent groan in ecstacy pump it in your fist and swab your tongue under the head jack it off into your mouth with strong wet hands your spit coating his penis you like penis don't you and when he shoots feel your lips straining because they're being opened so fucking wide while his salt is all over your face you can smell his flesh on your skin as you suck it as you suck it as you suck it and taste his thick pumping load into your mouth you love cum and i always loved feeling you suck me down suck that cum milk it give him give me your fucking slutty mouth

the pavement solid and firm under my nikes while the sun is in my eyes and the wind is in my hair my roughly cut sweatshirt marbled with salt lines from the heat and my exertion my heart is pounding like a thundering drum


pennyroyal said...

very very hot and graphic. whoah.

Library Vixen said...

I like that one...I love running, the way the mind travels in opposite directions as your feet, especially when it has to do with some nice cock worship. yummy.