Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello, pet.

Do you see this bracelet? This collar? This attractively polished little lock? The key I hold between My fingers as they caress and tug you by the lobe of your ear?

Make no mistake, pet. When the candle has been struck, the bracelet applied, your obedience is Mine and shall remain so for as long and as enduring as I care to retain it. you are Mine. you will serve.

Because Daddy loves you.

When you feel the weight of the leather on My arm, smell its scent, hear its creaking as I draw you close to Me, you will just begin to know the weight of My love, My embrace, the protection I shall enshroud you with. My strength, My perseverance, My virtue, My word is as law to you. you are Mine. you will serve.

Because you love Daddy.

The raiment I deign to cover your body with, or none at all. The food I deign to fill your body with, or none at all. The drink I deign to moisten your mouth with, or none at all. The people I deign you to uncover yourself to, or none at all. The discipline I deign to administer unto your bare flesh, or none at all. The use of your body I deign to make of you, or none at all. The bedding I deign to reward you with, or none at all. you are Mine. you will serve.

you will serve and know wholeness in the servitude. you will serve and find satisfaction and joy and pleasure only in My satisfaction and joy and pleasure. If I deign to grant you orgasms, it shall be for My pleasure to do so. If I deign to bare your pert little ass in the public square for an attitude adjustment before the populace, it shall be for My pleasure to do so.

you are My possession, you are My pleasure, you are My greatest responsibility. Inside My arms you will find the security you crave, the very cover of My shadow in the candlelight will giving you both contentment and hunger to please and to serve Me. It will pleasure you to serve Me, but only because I permit it so. It will satisfy you to serve Me, but only because I permit it so.

your pleasure is only yours if and unless I grant it to you to be.

But you needn't be afraid, pet, for I am a just and fair Daddy. My care for you is without boundary or restraint, although you yourself will know both. you will give yourself to Me, you will yield yourself to Me, you will know happiness and ecstacy from the touch of My hand, My lash, My kissing lips, My chains, My thick cock which you will adore and satisfy at My whim. you will be taken at any moment. you will be pushed to your pathetic, parted knees. you will be blissfully tortured and torturingly embraced.

you will obey Me, and you will anticipate My desires effectively. you will know My Discipline should you waver. My Discipline may be as terrible as a look from My eye and as beautiful as your suspended body to be lashed with leather to the applause of collected guests. you will honour your position and My love when I deign to show you at an event. you are the vessel for My enjoyment. you will always maintain yourself in accord with My instructions, and My instructions shall always be in your best interests. you will be graceful, elegant, and wanton in accord with My wishes.

And if I should deem it appropriate and desirable to randomly hoist you over My knee, stand you nude and sniffling in a corner, bend you over a park bench for a thrashing, command you to polish the boots of My comrades, see you serve My associates and Myself as we enjoy a game of poker, fellate any or all of them as I instruct you so, you will comply in the joyful knowledge that you are pleasing Me.

you live to please me.

Daddy will change you forever. Change you like no other.

And sometimes, Daddy will tell you what you need to hear. But only because Daddy loves you.


sidhne said...

oh, yes. that's it exactly! he's back!

Anonymous said...

nice cock!

sidhne said...

is that yours, dear Rogue? i don't have pictures at work so didn't see this until today. very nice, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post! It sure did cause the temp to rise in the room ;-) Now I'm missing my Daddy...

Rogue said...

And while much of Him is upset with you, Daddy does think of you, does miss you, and does love you still... despite your selfish, hurtful, sensation-driven foolishness.

Kara said...

Darkly stirring ... this is He whom I'd like to know more ...

Rogue said...

Get undressed.

Kara said...

Oh ... yes ... :D

Anonymous said...

WOW very powerful stuff.. That makes me wet just reading it. I am a first time reader and have been on here for three or more hours reading all your posts. Great stuff

Rogue said...

Enjoy, by all means. Keep responding, by all means.

And make yourself cum, College Girl. By all means.