Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm waking up, nude, enjoying some organic chai tea and catching up on Twitter. I run into my sassy sexblogging colleague, the Collared Coed. Some of you may remember how she received caning discipline upon her tender, submissive ass in support of a charitable cause. Such excellent servitude.

collaredcoed i'm not submissive because i'm Asian. i'm an Asian girl who happens to be submissive.

UrbanRoguery What is it with me and schoolteachers now?

UrbanRoguery @collaredcoed And we love you for it. Now get back on your knees, wench.

collaredcoed i'm mad because i read a comment on a BDSM blog that says "i think all Oriental women have to be submissive." who even says ORIENTAL anymore?

collaredcoed @UrbanRoguery are your extracurricular activities getting you into trouble?

UrbanRoguery @collaredcoed Silly frosh. I'm the one who makes the trouble. Now bend over my desk while I select a cane.

collaredcoed @UrbanRoguery straight to the cane?! i don't get the wooden paddle first? you're a meanie! -pouts-

UrbanRoguery @collaredcoed My, you're an impetuous one. I said I was -selecting- a cane. And you had best look to the floor when you speak, if at all. Now strip.


Delilah said...

-fans self- I'm blushing!

Rogue said...

In all the right places, I am certain.

The Duchess said...

Such silliness. Sexual submissiveness is a glorious choice.

Rogue said...

Of course it is. To both points.