Sunday, June 28, 2009

Suck it.

Oh, the things I find when cruising the intarwebs.

"In this game you have to please clients who will be sent to you. Each will expect you to perform at a different level. To start you will be given a few of the easiest clients. The bar on the right represents clients' pleasure. The orange portion is the minimum that will satisfy the customer. Yellow portion represents how much pleasure the client is experiencing. The cock symbol on the left side represents how close your client is to his orgasm, and the green bar at the bottom shows how much constitution you have left. The blue "cock bar" at the top of the game screen is the most important: to play, move YOUR MOUSE over this symbol, as this is how you control where your lips are placed. If your mouse leaves this symbol, then you will have "pulled out." Read in game instructions for more detailed help. Have fun!

Play the Blowjob Game.

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