Monday, January 4, 2010


She was already on the bed when I walked through the door, a Laurell K. Hamilton novel in her lap as she relaxed. She was wearing those camo pants that make her ass look so deliciously spankable. Between the pants and the black tanktop, Kara had a potent soft butch look that never fails to make me catch my breath. She smiled when she saw me, setting the book aside as I started to remove my shirt.

Kara has keys to my pad, and when she has a full weekend free, she's begun to enjoy using my place as her personal oasisn when I'm at work. When I come home, sometimes she greets me, half-naked, at the door with a dirty martini. Sometimes I find her engrossed in my DVD collection, or in the shower, or quietly sleeping on my deeply cushioned futon bed after she's been using her little purple vibrator and exploring my library of erotica.

Our New Year's Eve plans required some last-minite adjustment. The tickets for the Skin Tight Outta Sight rebel burlesque show were tragically sold out, but we more than adapted to the situation.

She met my kisses warmly, expectantly, muffling soft moans into my mouth as I slid my way up the bed and held her tight. A hand at the back of her head and she was turning her jaw up to me as she arched her back, her mouth open and hungry as she feasted on my kiss and slowly writhed under my body. She hooked her ankles around mine. She reached around my broad back to caress me. She ground her pelvis into my package. She began to pant quietly.

We kept making out under the glow of the faux Tiffany lamp while my hand slowly reached under that tight tanktop to press against her taut tummy, her ribs, and up to cup one of those small, pert, faerie breasts in my palm. Her nipple was already awake and eager, an erasertip that proudly proclaimed how much fun my little tart was having. I squeezed her little tit gently, enjoying the way her flesh rose between my fingers while I grasped her. She bit my lower lip with a sigh.

Our plan was to shower and dress for the night once I had come home, but once I was holding her close and feeling her warmth and sinewy gyrations underneath me, I decided that the evening could wait. Who knew... we might even stay in: bringing in the new year during a long, sensual fuck didn't seem like a terrible idea at all.

I removed her tanktop slowly, teasing myself as her delicious teacups came into view. Her mouth was just slightly parted now, her short raven-dark dair getting tussled by the pillow under her head, her eyes beginning to glaze over. She licked her lips as I brought a hard, proud nipple to my mouth, my hand continuing to hld and squeeze and tease her other, untasted breast. She gently raked her nails down my back and across my shoulders. I rained kisses down her chest, tickled her ribs with the tip of my tongue, and resettled myself on the bed until her adorable wee navel was just under my face.

I have a thing for tummies. I think there's something unique about pressing my face close to my lover's stomach and breathing in her scent, feeling the warmth of her skin. It's totally nonsexual, not exactly a fetish, but it arouses my appreciation for the sensual... and it feels like an important first step toward sucking pussy. Once my face is there, kissing and relaxed, and my hands are beginning to caress those thighs and grasp at the waistband with playful tugs and pulls, it's just a matter of time before I want, need, crave warm and joyfully wet cunt in my mouth.

And sucking Kara's pussy is awesome fun. Her mound is gloriously pronounced, a pair of pulsating, vertical pillows that open and spread like a wild orchid to reveal a tight curleque of glistening, taut skin and an eager nubbin under the slightest of coral folds. If Kara herself tends to be a somewhat introverted person, her clitoris is clearly her incarnate alter-ego, because when she's in heat, her pearl yearns and pleads hungrily and demandingly for attention.

I opened the button to her pants and smiled as started to wiggle herself free from them as I tugged them down her legs. She raised her ankles into the air with a big smile, knowing full well what she was in for, and I laughed as I pulled the camos up her strong legs and over her wiggly, sock-covered feet. Now she lay on her back below me, wearing nothing but those socks, tight white panties, and a naughty look in her eye.

She parted her legs for me as I tasted the skin just above the waistband of her underwear. I could easily see how her pulsing mound strained against the cotton, and so I filled my lungs with a deep breath, brought my opened mouth to the seam between her covered thighs, and slowly exhaled against her crotch to roast her with hot breath. Sucking air in through my nose, I did this several more times, slowly exhaling and heating her core as my mouth pressed firmly against her, until I allowed my tongue to begin darting against the cotton and her tight folds underneath. Kara wiggled under me.

Tugging the panties aside, I brought her dark and trimmed mound of fur to my face. Tilting my head, I nuzzled a cheekbone against her short, black pubes while sensing her arousal. Kara's feral scent is gentle, subtle, and reminds me of roasted nuts with butter. By the time I was swabbing her labia with gentle, slow, upward swaths of my tongue, I wanted a cup of hot, spiced rum beside me to 'go with it.' This made me smile to myself as I feasted on Kara's glowing and reddening centre.

My hands began a massaging dance on her belly, her thighs, her hips as I moved my tongue and mouth within and throughout her. The tip teased her seam with butterfly kisses and, interspersed with being curled and flicked just above her hood, I held her thighs firmly with both hands. Tilting my head to one side, I slowly sucked her grrlshaft between my wet lips, pumping it in and out between them and sliding my wet tongue across it when it was inside my mouth on the instroke. Kara adores this, and I've learned that it's the fastest way to make her cum.

We did still need to get dressed if we were going to have dinner and go out for New Year's, so I decided to give in to her craving for her. The night was just beginning, and I suspected that we'd have much more to do once we got to our venue for the evening.

Not that she would have complained. Kara was panting under me by the time my tongue was aggressively and rapidly flicking her pebble, sucking it into my wet mouth and giving it a bath with my hot saliva. I pumped it between my lips, feeling her labia pull under her clit like a curtain, and relished in the contrast between the softness of it and the hardness of her little bead. One palm was at her tummy now, fingers gently clawing into her abdomen while the other hand had reached under her and cupped her left asscheek in the fullness of my hand. Once I had done this, Kara's breath quicked even more: she loves having her ass held, and she arched her back again as she quivered and humped her pelvis against my face. She rode me. She drenched me. She did everything she could to get her pussy to my mouth and tongue harder, firmer, wetter, unti, she finally began to cry out and shake. I withdrew her clit from my mouth and started flicking my tongue again, and this sent her over her crest as she both pressed harder and tried to push me away as she furiously came.

I squeezed her ass with both hands now, holding her up with hips tilted, as she rested her weight on her upper back and shoulders on the pillow. She held my head, controlling my movements, forcing me back when the sensations overwhelmed her. Cruelly, I darted the tip of my tongue against her clit once or twice more, sending shocks throughout her body and leaving her in a shaken, writhing mess.

I caressed her as she drifted into a blissful zone. Later, I got up, strolled naked into the kitchen, and selected a bottle of wine.


Jackie said...

That was incredible. It truly made me feel like you were right here eating me out. Great erotic writing.

Rogue said...

It pleases me that you enjoyed it so. Somewhat wet, were we?